Glamping: An Easy Guide to Elevating Your Camping Experience

Glamping: An Easy Guide to Elevating Your Camping Experience

If you’re feeling compelled to skip your luxury European vacation or your trip to the coast this year – for a variety of reasons that may include insufficient budget, lack of time, etc. – don’t be sad. You don’t have to stay at home and wallow in depression.

How about organizing a fun camping trip? If you’re not a huge lover of surviving on hot dogs and sleeping in stuffy tents, you can put in some extra effort and have luxury glamping. Or, if you already had that in mind but don’t know how to elevate your simple camping experience? Here are a few easy yet chic ideas to keep in mind. 

Find a cute accommodation

Camping and glamping tips

Regardless of what the enthusiasts might say, tents are not everyone’s cup of tea. If you want to enjoy nature but are not up for sleeping on the uncomfortable air mattresses and crowded tents, there are different types of camping accommodation. For instance, you can book a cute camping pod for yourself and your buddies. These come in different shapes and sizes and allow you to enjoy all comforts of home in nature.

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Another great option is RVs. If you want freedom, comfort and security, these vehicles can offer everything you desire. 

Glam up your sleeping situation

If tents are all you have, don’t worry. Since the biggest problem about this accommodation is comfort, especially at night, you can invest in comfy air bed cots that will feel (almost) like your bed at home. Combine it with a warm two-person sleeping bag and you can forget all about tossing and turning on the hard ground all night—this is camping goals if you’re traveling with your SO. 

Light it up

It’s truly amazing what kind of difference lighting makes when it comes to comfort, relaxation and aesthetic appeal. If you want to have a camp that’s beautiful, cozy and safe, you need to light it up. Pack some string lights and spread them all over your RV or tent or pack a box of solar lanterns. Both of these options use very little to zero energy, so you’ll get to be responsible as well as beautifully lit.  

Boost comfort with furniture

Sure, your sleeping predicament is settled, but you won’t be spending your entire outing in your tent. In that case, you need to boost comfort with some comfy furniture. Forget all about old folding chairs and choose something better like recliners or even rockers. A larger folding dining table will also come in handy, since eating with a plate on your lap is so annoying. Most of these outdoor furniture pieces look cool and take surprisingly little space, so if you’re traveling by car, you won’t sacrifice all your space. 

Invest in cool cooking appliances

Sure, roasting marshmallows and eating hot dogs is fun and cute, but where’s the glamour in that? A real lux camping experience involves a nice menu that will make you feel like a celebrity on their nature getaway. Luckily, you don’t have to have super skills when it comes to cooking on an open flame, you just need a few practical appliances for your RV. With some vehicle upgrades from Furrion such as a burner range you can prepare anything from comforting breakfasts and quick lunches to impressive dinners and tasty desserts. Combine your range with a large fridge and you’ll get to pack every delicacy your taste buds desire! 

What do you think about eating coconut shrimp bowls and some fresh cinnamon rolls for dinner surrounded by nature’s wonderful views? Don’t just fantasise about it as if it can’t be done. Plan it.

Make some fancy drinks

Everything tastes better in nature, cocktails included! Even though you’re far away from your fave bar, you can still whip up some tasty drinks if you invest in a small cocktail-making kit. There are sets that are portable (most are packed in a suitcase or a backpack) and contain everything from a shaker and glasses to tongs and strainers. Some even have designated space for one or two bottles of your favorite spirit. If you want to fill your Instagram with cute photos from your camping trip, this addition to your glamping will attract a lot of attention. 

Round it up with some accessories 

In order to make your camp feel like home, you need some comfort items. A few outdoor throw pillows, some custom made signs for your camping ground and an Instagramable hammock will do the trick. There are many photo-ops you can create with these accessories, so do make some space for them! 

Are you still thinking that spending time in nature is boring, gross and uncomfortable? Not when you’re glamping! With these tips in mind, you’ll have the best summer vacation ever! 

Christie Lewis
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