Elevate Your Style With The New Buddha Necklace

Elevate Your Style With The New Buddha Necklace

We are always looking for ways to appear more beautiful, sexier, slimmer, or healthier, but what we don’t give ourselves enough credit for is that we are already unique and gorgeous in our own way. There is something special and magical about each person and tapping into that will bring out the best in you.

Some opt to do it through fashion, others choose to use their bodies as a canvas, and some simply use their talent and skills to shine the light on others, the people around us.

Either way, you decide to go about it, looking or feeling good about ourselves is a symptom of a society that has been around for centuries.

Ancient adornment

When flipping through the pages of history books or magazines in museums we can see the Ancient Egyptians decked out from head to toe in gold jewelry and embellishments. Makeup is done in a chic and simple way, topped off with sophisticated jeweled pieces, and thousands of designers have taken inspiration from ancient cultures.

So much so has history influenced fashion and how society portrays fashionistas that their symbols, quotes, and practices are still as strong and present as ever in modern times? One such rich culture can be seen in a handcrafted and elegantly created Buddha necklace which is taking the world by storm and worn innovatively across the globe.

There is no right or wrong way to wear a necklace as has been shown, the best way to wear it is whatever makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.

You could opt to layer them with long and short intertwining in their individual styles, varying shades of a color glistening against fresh skin, or displayed in a shop window speaking to everyone that walks by and stops to look at it. 

It can change the way an outfit looks, add that special touch of sophistication to take that ensemble to the next level, and can be a great conversation starter, even more so when out on the town and looking for a potential partner. Who knew the humble necklace had so much to offer?

Wearing it suitably

So if you are new to the world of fashion or are trying something new out this summer then knowing where to begin, how to perfect, or which way works for your body type can be daunting when deciding on implementing a necklace.

There are some handy tips and advice you can use as a foundation to get the ball rolling and as you see what does or does not work for your style and personality you can tweak it along the way. 

Let’s take a quick look at what some influencers mention to be a good starting point and what they have found to be successful.

  • Statement. If your necklace is big and bold it should be the focal point of the outfit, pair it with simple heels and clothing and it will be all anyone can see. And isn’t that the idea right? Don’t try to match the colors of the clothing to it either as it can quickly become too much of a look and the necklace will get lost. 

For some quick styling tips, you can also watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8y_Jk1FI07A to see some of the dos and don’ts when it comes to accessorizing. 

  • Neckline. If the main design element in a top or dress is the neckline you don’t need to try to compete with it by adding a statement necklace, you are better off adding a dainty, petite, and simple option that will elevate the dress neckline and design while still holding its own as a must-have addition.
  • Shirts. Some people find a shirt with a collar tricky to accessorize but in fact, it has a few great options. You could wear the shirt open and casual with 1 or 2 buttons undone so the necklace hangs down the center, or do up all the buttons and wear a short necklace under the collar and over the shirt. Win-win.
  • Simple. In most cases, the number one rule is ‘less is more.’ This means that if you are stuck with what to wear and how to match it then going simple and chic is always a winner. A plain necklace may seem understated but it is that exact appeal that catches people’s eye, is she trying to look simple, did she do it on purpose, did she forget something? They will be talking and wondering about you the whole evening, and that is an achievement in itself. 

Summer fun

Wearing jewelry doesn’t necessarily only need to be for a night out or an event, you can wear them daily and get creative, fun, and playful to help lift your mood and take the edge off.

Summer is a great time to experiment when t-shirts and dresses are on full show and there is plenty of beach parties to attend while looking stylish. 

Your style is your own and how you choose to wear it is up to you, an interesting article in this link shows you how, although summer jewelry seems to lean towards shells or beads, you could turn things around and make a new statement. 

It may look like an avant-garde fashion show but if you like it, you will rock it. And living the best life is about being true to yourself. We only have one life and accessorizing it all the way makes things a whole lot better.

Christie Lewis
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