Custom Made Clothing – The What and Why

Custom Made Clothing – The What and Why
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There is one key component that puts you above the rest of your competition when it comes to looking sharp and being in style, especially in a professional, business, or just overall sense. That is that custom made clothing highly trumps that of the everyday tailored or created suit. Whether your design ideas are having a suit custom tailored to your needs, or simply created from scratch (called bespoke suits), or even if you’re not wanting a suit at all, and you just want custom made clothing, New York is one of the most popular cities to do it in, and we’ve found the perfect tailor in the area (more on that later).

Why Go to a Custom Tailor?

There are numerous benefits to having custom clothing made for you. For starters, you’ll get a better fit when you have a suit or even just an outfit that’s completely created according to your exact measurements, as compared to having one that wasn’t made for you to begin with. While this may always be an option that you’ll want to consider as well (having already made clothes fit to your body), you may not always get the results you want.

All Tailored Clothes Are Meant to Last

When you have a custom-tailored clothing item, it will more than likely last a lot longer than the average article of clothing. Even if you buy a $500 suit, your custom tailor can actually make you a bespoke suit for more money, but it can literally last a lifetime (don’t quote us on this, but there are plenty of people who are able to still wear custom tailored bespoke suits for many years after they were made) compared to those you just buy. The materials last a lot longer, as well as all of the custom stitching and work that goes into it.

Think of a custom tailor like a blacksmith for your wardrobe. You don’t want someone who’ll just give you shoddy work and say it’s done. A custom tailor will continue to forge the perfect arsenal for your body to wear until you are satisfied, and many of them provide exceptional satisfaction guarantees, and even extended warranties on all of the work they perform, because they want you to get the best experience while you look your best. 

Why Tailors are Experts

Being a tailor is more than just being someone who can sew up some clothes, or even just hem up some jeans. It’s more than being a representative who works at some popular bridal boutique shop. Custom tailors have years of training and experience in order to obtain the reputation that is made by going above and beyond their customers’ expectations.


If you’re in the New York area, one of the best that we’ve found at being custom made women’s clothing NYC is The Tailory New York. They have a great reputation because even their founder has an amazingly classy blend of design, fashion, and clothing experience. They are able to create your own fashion collection so you never have to have a dull wardrobe ever again.

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