5 Beer Gift Hampers for the Dad Who Loves His Beer

5 Beer Gift Hampers for the Dad Who Loves His Beer

Your dad must love you just as much as he likes his cold one after a long day’s work; he might just be that guy who likes enjoying his beer sitting in front of the television or just out at the deck as he takes in the beauty of nature.

Whichever way he likes his beer, you could use this as an opportunity to gift him a beer hamper, which we can be sure he will enjoy. A hamper that has been paired with a six-pack of his favorite beer is the best thing you can get for him. 

Below are five beer gift hamper ideas for the dad who loves his beer.

How about having cheese in the hamper

Many think cheese is only paired with wine, how about having your favourite beer and a few cheese bits, don’t limit your taste buds. Beers are made with sophisticated tastes making it a perfect pair for cheese. And if your dad also loves his cheese, then there you have it, a one of a kind hamper indeed.

Beer goes perfectly well with some barbeque

It’s funny that most beer lovers enjoy a good barbeque. Since we can’t set up a whole barbeque in the hamper, how about being creative with this idea. Have the basket filled with about four cans of his favourite beer together with some barbeque potatoes; you will immediately get him in the barbeque mood. You could throw in a cool apron and some oven gloves that he can cherish and wear in his next family barbeque.

His favourite beer and nibbles

If your dad likes enjoying his beer as he nibbles on some savoury treats, then this could be the right pick for him. You can load the hamper with four different craft beers of his choice; the Stone and Wood Pacific ale and the Mountain organic steam must be on the list of beers. Some nuts like salted pistachios and potato chips will work wonders for him. 

International beer hamper

The corona pandemic has gotten us all locked up; weekends are no longer the same as we are away from our friends and family. And if you have not seen your dad in a while, you should get him this hamper just to make him feel special. It is loaded with five bottles of world repute; the likes of Heineken and Corona Extra Larger. Some tasty beef jerky, wasabi peanuts and smoked almonds, this are just a few of the nibbles which you can easily personalize to his liking.

Why not have a beer and some cute socks

I am sure you have given your dad several socks as gifts over the past years, how about giving this gift a small twist by adding beer. Get those cool looking socks about, five pairs, and throw in some beer cans and a few nibbles you think he will enjoy. Socks don’t have to be alone anymore in your gift-giving.


These are five gift hampers that will make your gift-giving a little bit more unique than the past years. And with beer included in the basket for a beer lover, you will truly warm up his heart.

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