Are Face Masks Here to Stay?

Are Face Masks Here to Stay?

We’re months into the pandemic without any signs of it slowing up. We’re wearing masks, social distancing, staying home, and waiting for a vaccine. The question is, however, will we still need to wear face masks after the vaccine? Are masks here to stay? Right now, it feels that way. 

It only takes twenty-one days to form a habit so it’s safe to say that wearing face masks is now a habit. We don’t leave the house without one – and if we do, we panic. Everywhere we go, we need a face mask; the market, the airport, the shopping mall. We keep one in our car, our purse, our pocket, next to our keys. 

According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, however, this will continue after the vaccine, at least for most Americans. Not only that, but we will still have to practice social distancing. The vaccine isn’t going to change things overnight. It will start by controlling the infection before it is eliminated. In the meantime, face masks, it seems, are here to stay. 

According to scientific evidence, face masks work so there should be no reason to stop wearing them until the virus is eradicated. In fact, many experts are throwing their weight behind the face mask as the most effective tool for stopping the spread of COVID-19. It seems there will be a combination of the vaccine, face masks, and social distancing to stop the spread. But just like now, people are not going to be wearing masks 24/7, only when it is necessary.  

With face masks now a part of life, many people have been stocking up and retailers usually have a box of disposable face masks to give to customers. Many people are also making a fashion statement with their face masks by promoting sports teams, candidates, and ideologies, such as Black Lives Matter. Many people match them to their outfits rather than clashing and standing out like a sore thumb. In fact, face masks are popping up for sale all over the Internet from almost every retailer on the planet. The truth is, masks are not going away anytime soon so we must get used to them. 

If we have to wear masks, we can at least wear one that looks good. Masks that are too big, too small, or old and worn won’t be effective against spreading the infection. Disposable masks are just that – disposable – to be worn once, not stashed in the glove compartment after each use. Having a supply of cloth masks you can wash will make sure you always have one on hand. Keep a disposable box in your car for emergencies. 

It may be difficult for some Americans to still get used to even the idea of wearing a mask, but since the science proves they are effective, wearing one will help stop the spread of COVID-19 and finally end the pandemic, and then in the future we can reconsider wearing face masks.

Christie Lewis
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