A Week in Dallas on a $48,000 Salary

A Week in Dallas on a $48,000 Salary

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Today: a personal trainer who makes $48,000 a year

Occupation: personal trainer

Age: 32

Location: Dallas, TX

Salary: $48,000 (approx. $1,600 per pay period)

Day One

Now that most gyms are back in full swing, I’ve been really busy at work and usually have back-to-back clients. I started personal training in my early 20s, but it didn’t become my full-time job until my late 20s. I didn’t have a lot of time for lunch. Thankfully, there’s a cafe in the gym where you can order healthy meals. I bought a hummus vegetable wrap.

Total: $9

Day Two

Working in the health and fitness industry, you pay attention to what you put in your body more than the average person. I’ve been looking into protein manufacturing recently because I’m thinking of potentially selling my own product line. I found a protein manufacturer called Makers Nutrition that makes whey, casein, and soy protein products. I want to offer a custom formula for all of my clients, so there have to be options for whey protein and soy protein for clients who are vegan or don’t consume dairy products. Makers Nutrition looks like a promising choice because I’ve been looking for a company that makes the entire manufacturing process easy. That means it has to meet FDA standards. On top of that, Makers Nutrition protein supplements come in different flavors, which is always a plus! I’m planning on requesting a free quote when I have the chance.

Total: $0

Day Three

My grandmother isn’t feeling the best, so I decided that the siblings should put together a gift. My sister J. suggested a site where you can send plants online. Lively Root offers free delivery for any plant gifts you might want to have delivered to a loved one. I think my grandmother would really love getting a new plant. Unlike me, she has a green thumb. So, J. and I picked a ruby rubber tree as a get-well gift. We split the cost three ways with our other sister, H.

Total: $13.35

Day Four

I’m planning on eating a lot of carbs throughout the day because I’ve got a long workout. For lunch, I pack some Tupperware full of quinoa, lentils, beans, veggies, and some leftover chicken. I also bring a pea protein shake in a thermos.

Total: $0

Day Five

There are times where I work out alongside my clients because it helps motivate them. But most days, I like to get my workout in at night. My sister H. is asking me to go out to dinner. Even though I was hoping to go to the gym and stick to a specific diet plan, I have difficulty saying no to her. I plan on suggesting a restaurant where I can still hit all my macros. It would be even better if the restaurant uses organic ingredients.

Total: $14

Day Six

I had back-to-back clients again. A lot of people like to work out on weekends because it helps them start their day in the right way. Plus, it can be hard to exercise after a long day at work. Today, most of the workouts focus on strength training. Later, I plan to order food for the next couple of days from a meal-prep service. I like to try some of them out in case my clients ask for any recommendations. Most of the meals from this service cost around $9.50.

Total: $60

Day Seven

It’s Sunday, and I only have one client today. Some people just prefer to keep it low-key on Sundays, and I totally get that. I’m the same way. Once I’m done for the day, I plan on going home to do more research into protein manufacturing.

Total: $0

Total for the week: $96.35

Christie Lewis
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