7 Rainy Day Essentials That Every Girl Needs

7 Rainy Day Essentials That Every Girl Needs

After enjoying a perfect weekend at home curling up in your warm duvet on a rainy day. Monday arrives, with a new equation and the rain.

You need to go to work and you are not sure if you have the necessities for a rainy day, or you just have to wear the same dark trench coat to work as you do when it rains. A wet-look too is never beautiful and you need to go shopping for the right rainy day essentials. What are they? Can I get them all in one store? All these are questions that crop up in your head. In this article, you will learn of 7 rainy day essentials that every girl needs.


Rain tips with girl in a raincoat

There are days when the umbrella does not come as handy. More so, if you live in windy cities or areas, you will understand why you should favor a raincoat over an umbrella. Nowadays, raincoats have gotten better, and the options out in the stores are pleasantly surprising. Buy your raincoat here as you will need one to survive the windy rainy days as they come. Choose various colors and designs to have different pieces to try for different looks. 


Rain tips with a girl in a hat

Gloomy days in most cases are accompanied by a constant drizzle. Making it feel like there will be a storm but no action yet. In such cases, your essential item is a hat. As you choose your look for the day, work around pieces that blend well with hats. For instance, hats sit well with jeans, dresses, distressed pants, among many other pieces. Adding on a hat on such a gloomy day sorts your look for the day and gives you an instantly stylish look. 

Waterproof bag

Adding a waterproof bag to this list may seem frivolous. Nonetheless, if you have ever ended up with damp laptop chargers, cash bills, and other things a lot of time to remember. You understand why a waterproof bag is a necessity. For this reason, if you carry electronic devices like tablets and laptops all the time. Invest in a waterproof bag, and you will be glad that all your things are safe when it starts raining and you have a lot of important stuff with you. 

Trench coat 

No matter the type of weather you have, either it is surprise showers or a monsoon. You need to be prepared. So, have yourself a classic trench coat as it never disappoints. Also, you do not have to think twice about wearing a short skirt or dress when you have one on. In every list of rainy day essentials, you can never miss out on a trench coat. Layer it out properly and you will look cute. 


Rain tips with a girl in boots for rain

Boots are versatile pieces that you will love for both work or travel. Either it is a rainy day or gloomy weather. Although there are people who find boots as not fancy shoe wear. It is better than going round in trousers that are soaked in rain and mud. Yet, if you had the boots, it will not be the case. Plus, today, there are many stylish boots to choose from. Carry a pair to change when you get indoors, but do not miss on boots out in the rain.

A water-resistant phone case

Have you ever tried to use your phone while the screen is wet? It is difficult and it creates a major disruption as we rely on our phones for many things. So, buying a water-resistant phone case can solve this issue. They may be expensive, but worth it when it starts to rain. Not only will you be in a position to use your phone when it is wet, but it helps to protect your phone from possible water damage. 


Rain tips with a girl in umbrella

Not forgetting an umbrella, but not the black boring type that is old-fashioned. The fancier options that you can get. It is a must-try and a must-have. Buy yourself two, one that is colorful and another transparent that you can choose alternatively depending on what you are wearing. Plus, they are affordable and it comes in handy during an instant shower. 

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