5 Special Rakhis to Buy This Raksha Bandhan 2019

5 Special Rakhis to Buy This Raksha Bandhan 2019

Raksha Bandhan is a festival which is all about tying Rakhi to your brother and blesses him with all your pure heart and in return, he promises you that he will always be with you in every up and down of the life. Rakhi plays a vital role in Raksha Bandhan. So, deciding perfect Rakhi for your brother is also one of the most crucial tasks. Not only for your brother but, also for your sister-in-law you can choose a beautiful Lumba Rakhi that will also be a new beginning of a sweet relationship between you and your bhabhi.

Here a list of some unique and special Rakhis and the reasons to choose them over other Rakhis is given so that you can choose a perfect Rakhi and send to your brother.

Designer Rakhi

You can go for the best Rakhi designs for your brother on this Raksha Bandhan and give him a Rakhi that he can wear as a hand accessory too. The reason to choose a designer Rakhi is:

  • They are the blend of modernity with tradition.
  • These Rakhis can be carried after the Raksha Bandhan as they look super stylish and cool.
  • There are many designs available with different patterns on it. You can choose the best Rakhi designs and give it to your brother.   

Lumba Rakhi

If your brother is married then you can also give a Lumba Rakhi to your sister-in-law with a Rakhi for your brother. These Lumba rakhis are basically a set of Rakhi that has 5 Rakhis which are both for brother and your sister-in-law. There are many reasons to select sets of Rakhi then normal Rakhi as:

  • They are pocket-friendly as within one set you have 5 Rakhis.
  • They have a designer as well as beautiful Rakhis for both your brother and sister-in-law.
  • This set also has other items like Baju Band and a ring for your new sister-in-law.

Pearl Rakhi

Pearls Rakhis are the new trend nowadays. These Rakhis are the love for males as well as females. You can go for these Rakhis on this Raksha Bandhan because;

  • They look classic and trendy with pearls embedded in it.
  • You can also choose to embed the birthstone of your brother on the Rakhi also so as to ensure goodwill for him. ‘
  • These Rakhis are trendy and look beautiful when you explore the Lumba pearl Rakhi for your brother.  

Cartoon Rakhi

The reasons to choose a cartoon Rakhi for your small brother are:

  • They are the favourite of small cuties. These Rakhis are trending nowadays to give to your small brothers.
  • You can choose his favourite cartoon and give him a cute cartoon to play with the Rakhi.
  • These Rakhis will be the centre of attraction for small children.

Personalized Rakhi

The best way of describing your love to your loved ones is to choose a personalized Rakhi. The reasons to choose this Rakhi over others are:

  • They are crafted with your love, concern, and of course your feelings.
  • You can choose whatever design you want and design a perfect Rakhi for your loved ones.
  • They are also cool and trendy to give to anyone.

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Rohit Raina
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