14 Tips to Stay Young and Slow Down Your Aging

14 Tips to Stay Young and Slow Down Your Aging

Aging is a natural process that is bound to happen. Some people think that there is nothing we can do to stop it while most of us try every possible rumor to prevent it from happening. Despite these two categories, one thing is certain; nobody wants to age. It is a scary thing that makes many people leave in denial that their youth years are gone.  

According to research, it is possible to delay the signs of aging through healthy habits that we will discuss.  Our lifestyle choices is a significant factor that determines when you get old. Doctors call it extrinsic aging. We will show you the preventive actions that you can use to slow down the effects of aging. Read on!

Keep your skin away from the sun.

We all love sunbathing, right? They say that it gives us vitamin E which is useful for our bodies. This is true, but too much sun makes you age faster by affecting your skin. You can still enjoy the sun as long as you have sun protection.

This can be through covering your body with a useful sunscreen that is resistant to water and has a broad spectrum. You can also seek shade under the trees or even wearing protective clothes that don’t expose too much skin.

Get out of your comfort zone

You can get too comfortable in your cocoon and forget what is being an all rounded person. Getting away from your comfort zone challenges your mind and engages you in a mental exercise that are healthy to prevent aging. You can do this differently, for instance by traveling to a new place, or learn something new such as a foreign language.

Use a self- tanner

Any tanning equipment whether it is a tanning bed or tan that comes from the sun emits UV rays that make you age faster. Use a self-tanner to reduce this effect to prevent your skin from aging.

Don’t smoke or drink

Smoking drugs like meth and drinking alcohol dehydrate your body and accelerate the formation of wrinkles and a sallow complexion. They make you age faster as you become tolerant to them. Seek help through recovery centers to break the dependence and get a healthy body that does not age quickly due to such unhealthy substances.

Check your facial expression

Research says that the formation of wrinkles comes as a result of our facial expression. How you laugh or squint makes your underlying muscles contract. These repeated facial expressions make the fine lines formed on your face permanently. Avoid raising the eyebrows since they also contribute to fine lines that make you age.  Sunglasses can help you minimize the lines caused by squinting.

Watch your diet

What you eat affects how fast you age. High sugar intake, as well as refined carbohydrates, accelerate aging signs. Prevent this from happening by replacing them with fruits and vegetables. Ensure thathigh consumption of water is part of your diet.


girl working out

Remaining active boost the circulation of blood in your body, as well as, your metabolism for an enhanced immune system. With these activities, you remain young for an extended period. You can start with simple walks or jogs outside your home then take it to the gym for enhanced training.

Don’t be too harsh on your skin

The skin is the first sign that reveals our age even before we can say it. Always cleanse it gently with scrubs that don’t irritate it. You should not destroy the natural oils that play a part in your beauty. A gentle scrubber gets rid of pollution as well as makeup without interfering with these oils.

Drop the make-up

Makeup has become an addiction to some of us. We tend to obsess when we don’t have any makeup on. It is not healthy since it affects the elasticity and hydration of your skin. Layers of makeup prevent your skin from getting sufficient moisture from the environment to function accordingly.

Try going to work without makeup and don’t obsess about the blemishes on your skin. You will realize that things that you think people notice, they actually don’t.

Take care of your sweat

You busy schedule during the day may make you overlook the sweat on your skin. That sweat contains harmful substances from your body. That is why cleaning it up at least twice within the day ensures you don’t retain these substances. Cleaning up can prevent you from aging.

Replace your regular oil with olive oil

Many people develop problems such as pressure and diabetes from the oil they use in their kitchen. Olive oil may be a little bit expensive, but it prevents you from such diseases and keeps you young. It ensures that your heart is not clogged with bad fat that causes complications and gives you healthy nutrients.

Watch your skin care products

There are all kinds of products which promise us a glowing face, but some of them contain chemicals that irritate or even burn the skin. This causes the skin to look older than it should. That is why getting products with natural ingredients can prevent you from aging. If it is a moisturizer, choose one with natural compounds from a well-known company to give you a youthful look.

Remain happy

Your state of mind from your moods can determine how you age. People who are satisfied with life and optimistic have been found to reduce aging signs more than pessimistic people who always seem sad. Be happy and laugh more than you frown. Do not let stress put you down. Find ways to deal with it no matter the circumstances such as through meditating, swimming or yoga. They will relax your mind and prevent you from aging.

Avoid too much television

The couch is a best friend to many of us, but it makes us less active and glued to a machine that affects our eyes and makes us lazy. Think of the years you spend glued to your television and find better activities that challenge you physically or mentally.

Final thoughts

From discussion. It is safe to say that we can slow down the rate of aging using the techniques we have learned.  Apply them starting today and enjoy your youth for a long time. All the best!

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