10 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas Your Girlfriend Will Love

10 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas Your Girlfriend Will Love

First things first, stop worrying that you’re the only one struggling with gift ideas for your girlfriend’s birthday. Every boyfriend shares your pain, trust me. 

You could go with the classics – dinner, a movie, maybe some roses or if you’re a big spender some jewelry, but that’s not you. That’s not your relationship. You’re unique and so should be your gifts. 

So here are ten unique gift ideas for guys who are tired of the classics. 

A Custom Map From Grafo Map 

Grafo Map lets you design a custom map that can be the perfect unique gift for your GF on her birthday. Whether it’s a map of her hometown, the place you met, or where you had your first date, a custom map shows you care. And they aren’t too expensive either at just $49 per map.

A Gift Card From Winc

Does your girlfriend love to come home and relax on the couch with a glass of wine? If so, a gift card from Winc is the perfect option for you. Winc is a wine club subscription service that has members take palate profile quizzes so they can find ideal wines for you. Each week you’ll be sent a wine that fits your girlfriend’s unique taste. 

A Romantic Night At A Local Airbnb 

You don’t have to spend thousands to take your girlfriend on a fun little vacation. Try renting out a nice local Airbnb, cater with food from her favorite spot, and just enjoy a relaxing night in a beautiful home that you definitely can’t afford. 

Lash Courses At The Lash Professional

Is your GF obsessed with fashion? If so this is the perfect gift for you. Eyelash training courses at The Lash Professional are a great way for your girlfriend to add to her fashion knowledge and have fun while doing it. 

A Gift Card From Class Pass

Class Pass allows you to go to all the best fitness studios, yoga classes, martial arts instructors, or any other type of athletic class you can imagine all for as little as $9/month. So if your girlfriend is a fitness freak, this is the perfect option.

23andMe DNA Ancestry and Health Kit

You’ve probably heard of 23andMe DNA test kits which have become so popular recently. It’s amazing that for only $99 you can sequence your DNA and see what health problems you are susceptible to. Not all girlfriends will love this gift, but for some(especially hypochondriacs) it’s the perfect option. 

Live Indoor Bonsai Tree

This one’s for those green thumbs out there. If your gf loves gardening getting a live, indoor bonsai tree may be the perfect answer for her birthday gift. The ancient art of bonsai comes from Japan and in the past these mini-trees would cost thousands, today you can buy an indoor bonsai on Amazon for just $29.

Pop Instant Print Digital Camera

You remember polaroids don’t you? Well, these days Pop Instant print digital cameras can give you that nostalgic feeling of  polaroids with modern conveniences. Your gf can take a pic, customize it with filters, borders, stickers, text, and more then and print it instantly. The camera is also going for just $129.99 on Amazon.

Weighted Blanket

Does your gf roll over and take your blankets every night? Get a gift that’s for both of you for her birthday this year. Buy her a weighted blanket. These babies have been proven to reduce anxiety and allow for a better night’s sleep, for both you and your partner. You can find a weighted blanket for as little as $50 at Target

Bamboo Pajamas

Now, if your girlfriend prefers pajamas that are super soft and stay in place, you can also get adorable bamboo fiber sleepwear.

Apart from being exceedingly comfortable, pajamas made from bamboo fiber are naturally hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking, and thermoregulating, making them perfect for sensitive skin and for wearing all year round. Quality bamboo fiber pajamas cost less than $100, cheaper than silk pajamas but equally, if not more, comfortable and are great as gifts.

Silk Pajamas

If your girlfriend loves to cuddle up and watch movies, this is the perfect gift for you. Lunya washable silk set pajamas are the epitome of comfort. And for only $178, they’re a great deal, too. 

Bonus: A Phone Case Just For Her

A smartphone case may be the last thing you’ll think of giving away as a birthday gift, but hear us out. You can make protective cases more special by creating designs with her and her tastes in mind. Customization still continues to be trendy these days because they make unique gifts and the time and effort involved in designing one will no doubt impress her. 

So this year don’t waste your money on roses or chocolates, buy something she will remember. Buy something unique.

Christie Lewis
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