10 Trends You Need To Know About Wakeboards

10 Trends You Need To Know About Wakeboards

There have been changes to the design of wakeboards in recent years. This is partially because brands are endeavoring to eliminate some of the problems that have occurred in the past. The ultimate goal is to stay ahead of trends, while also ensuring wakeboards are durable and attractive to users. From wake board covers to sidewall protection, many of the trends have been well received.

1. Expanded Number of Sizes and Lengths

While there are many different options when choosing a wakeboard size, the one that’s right for the rider depends on their weight. There are an expanded number of long wakeboards in the marketplace because longer models are often chosen by those that appreciate an easier ride.

2. Sidewall Protection

One of the mains reasons why sidewall protection is a current trend for wakeboards is because it addresses the issue of damage to the board. It’s actually something that most manufacturers of wakeboards have adapted for greater durability. A trend that will probably always exist is the constant improvement to construction materials used.

3. Edge Protection

Some companies have incorporated edge protection for the purpose of optimizing the speed of wakeboards. This sometimes includes a bumper that spans across the entire edge of the board. As materials continue to improve, this aspect of wakeboards will continue to adapt.

4. Sintered Bases

Some companies maintain a sintered base so that customers are able to easily repair damages that occur by using a repair stick.

5. Flex Patterns

Brands understand that wakeboarders are often particular when it comes to the flex of the board. This is precisely why there are an increased number of boards with varied flex options. This enables wakeboarders to control the location of the flex in the board.

6. Reduced Wood Plies

Some companies have decreased the number of wood plies that are in the core because it has been proven to significantly enhance the performance of the wakeboard. This is because it results it more flexibility and durability.

7. Short Wakeboards

Shorter wakeboards is a trend because they are easier to maneuver and spin. There are some wakeboarders that prefer shorter models even though the landing is slightly rougher than longer wakeboards.

8. Longer Wakeboards

Longer wakeboards will always be a top choice because they are often the board used for beginners as they are easier to use. It’s a never-ending trend. Since long wakeboards are heavier than shorter models, it requires a little extra work to maneuver, but it also enables a greater level of control. It’s why beginners are able to improve their capabilities faster than on a shorter wakeboard.

9. 3 Stage Rocker

The increased number of wakeboards with a 3 stage rocker is because they are able to get more height, despite the fact that some find them less stable. There’s also the issue of rough landings as a result of a flat spot that tends to cause a slight drag when the board lands.

10. Continuous Rocker

Brands are also producing wakeboards with a continuous rocker because it’s believed to provide one of the smoothest rides available. It also allows wakeboarders to achieve the level of speed they desire, although the height is moderate.

While most wakeboards are built with wood or foam that’s wrapped in fiberglass, the specific type of materials used will vary from one brand to another. Some wakeboarders prefer wood because they tend to flex better. However, it’s foam wakeboards that are more common, partially because they are more affordable. Foam wakeboards also happen to be more durable and lightweight.

Wakeboard trends are wide-ranging because the choice of a wakeboard depends on the individual as they consider all of the factors mentioned above. It also depends on their experience level. Many wakeboarders have to try different options before they’re able to identify the size, shape and brand that fits their needs. It’s amazing how many options are available these days. At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun and figuring out what works best for you.             

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