10 Spiritual Lessons You Can Learn From Everyday Life

10 Spiritual Lessons You Can Learn From Everyday Life

There aren’t many people who aren’t stressed in these times of COVID-19. The economy was hit hard and many lost their jobs due to the shut-down. In times like this, there are those who turn to spirituality for help. Indeed, spirituality can get you through most anything.

What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality is the belief in something larger than yourself. It’s not hard to see why anyone would want to find spirituality. It gives believers a sense of purpose and direction in life. We tend to look to the spiritual when times are hard. There are many organizations like the Cenacle Sisters that help people find their spiritual direction through God. Christians have an awesome tool to use for a guide, the bible.

#1 & 2 Anxiety and Fear

It’s been stressful worrying about catching COVID-19. Others are waiting on stimulus checks and unemployment checks. Spiritual beings don’t need to stay in despair. The bible teaches us not to worry but rather to pray. We must pray to God for help rather than suffer from anxiety. Anxiety is the most common mental health disorder. God doesn’t want his children to be anxious and stressed-out.

Parents are afraid for their children. There are so many obstacles to peace in the world. But God said fear does not come from him. Prayer and meditation lead you to a clear, focused mind. Parents can enjoy their children each day rather than worry about the future.

#3 Truth

Spirituality allows one to be truthful in all things. One can handle any situation if they meet it head-on. Things are seen clearly and this eliminates confusion and helps one make better decisions.

#4 You’re Not Alone

Spiritual people feel they can handle any situation because God is with them. You get over disappointment easier because it happened for a reason. God wants to make you a stronger person. Why you? Maybe it’s because God knew that someone else would have a more difficult time facing disappointment. Spirituality lets us know that someone greater than you is working out all situations.

#5 Prayer Keeps You Healthy

Those who know a Divine being is in their corner are more likely to be healthy. They’re not stressed out and suffering from high blood pressure. Prayer eases situations and brings about a sense of calmness.

#6 Optimism Is No Problem

Spiritual people feel that something good is going to happen. They don’t get mired down in their current situation. Focus on what you have rather than what you want. Studies show that praying raises the level of dopamine in the brain and one is happier.

#7 God Works With Broken Relationships

How many times have you been in a bad relationship? Pray to God for answers about whether the relationship is worth fixing. Moreover, should the relationship be fixed? God will reveal an answer in time. God doesn’t want us in a bad relationship. Rather, we should be with someone who is loving and has similar beliefs.

#8 Illness

It’s difficult to remain optimistic when faced with a serious illness. However, as long as we keep praying, there’s always hope. Prayer makes you strong for the difficult days you’ll have to face. That’s why God tells us that if we believe in him, we’ll never die.

#9 Death

You’re never quite ready for the death of a loved one. However, there’s comfort in knowing that your loved one is at peace. There’s a certain joy in knowing that comfort is promised to those who mourn.

#10 Finding Your Identity

Christians don’t have to worry a lot about who they are. God says anyone who believes in him gets a new life. There’s a certain assurance in knowing who you are and who made you. Your spiritual identity will help you in any situation.

Spiritual people have direction, faith, and a limited amount of fear in their lives. God is always with us. All we have to do is pray and tell him our specific needs.

Christie Lewis
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