You are Not Gonna Believe This – Johnny Depp Astonishingly Transforms…

You are Not Gonna Believe This – Johnny Depp Astonishingly Transforms…

And you thought he was only gonna go that far!

Johnny-Depp's look in black mass

Johnny Depp has played every sort of warped like character we could think of, and his physical transformations have been testament to what lengths he is willing to go in order to simply immerse himself into the character. But having been looked convincingly dashing in his absurd avatars in Pirates of Caribbean, Sweeney Todd, Edwards Scissorhands, Dark Shadows, and more, Johnny Depp has gone a stride further for his next movie titled, Black Mass.

Johnny Depp’s Look in Black Mass is already creating ripples. Depp, will play gangster James ‘Whitey’ Bulger in the movie that is currently been shot. Going by the first look, he looks old with the bald look, the worn out hair and not so well-fitted clothes, but if you squint and you squint hard, I wage you will find him looking dapper in this one too!

If there is a vote done on which movie Depp looked most stunning in, his pain-ridden face with a shock of white on his hair as Sweeney Todd might just take the honors. But when it comes to looking most absurd, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is gonna road-roll over the rest of them.

And as Depp fans, we can’t wait to see James ‘Whitey’ Bulger blow us away!

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