Yogesh Lodhe (70576 03595) and (09370929455) is a Thief and a Fraud

This is to everyone’s notice who comes in contact with Yogesh Lodhe – whose contact address is Wakad jahagir post, Malkapur Pangra TQ Sindkhedraja District, Buldhana, 443202, Maharashtra.

Yogesh Lodhe is a thief who frauds people by lying to them in order to get into a deal. He will take your item and refuse to pay, in some cases break your item and then return it.

This person has FIRs reported against him. If you come in contact with Yogesh Lodhe, REPORT HIM TO THE POLICE AND DO NOT ENGAGE WITH HIM.

He is one of the people from below photographs.

Yogesh Lodhe thief


Yogesh Lodhe thief


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