How The World Changed Between Sachin Tendulkar’s Debut and Retirement

How The World Changed Between Sachin Tendulkar’s Debut and Retirement

The world we knew when Sachin Tendulkar made his debut in 1989 is no longer the same. On and off the Cricket field, there has been an absolute about-face. Let’s scroll through how things have changed in the world of cricket, and outside it:


When Sachin Debuted Back in 1989 World in 2013
1. There were no contracts for players. All they got paid was around Rs 40,000 for a Test and Rs 25,000 for an ODI BCCI has turned into the richest cricketing body in the world. Every player is contracted. They are paid Rs 7 Lakhs  for a Test, Rs 4 Lakhs for an ODI and 2 Lakhs for a T20
2. We only had zonal selectors for whom the job was not really a means to earn livelihood. They did it for the love of Cricket, and were paid meager allowances Though selectors are still from different zones, but the salaries have increased multi-folds.
3. No brand sponsored the Indian Jersey. Since 1995, team always had a sponsor who pays handsomely
4. ODIs were played with a red ball, with players sporting white jerseys. One hardly saw India hosting day-night matches There has been a plethora of modifications to the ODI format. So, apart from the coloured jerseys, you have two white balls at each end. T20 is taking Cricket beyond boundaries
5. Remember Doordarshan?? Yeah, we didn’t have cable TV. It was such a struggle aligning those antennas even when the cable TV arrived on the scene It is the age of Digital Systems – DISH TV, TATA SKY – and we watch matches on our LEDs and LCDs
6. Sachin’s bat was a Sanspareils Greenlands. It weighed roughly 3.12 pounds, which at that point was one of the heaviest bats in the business Uses an Adidas English willow. It weighs somewhere between 2.8 to 2.14 pounds
7. Krish Srikkanth was the first captain of Sachin Tendulkarand Chandu Borde was the manager on the tour of Pakistan Today, Sachin plays under Dhoni, who debuted 15 years after Sachin had made his debut.
8. Sachin shared dressing room with the likes of Kapil Dev, Shastri, Srikkanth, More, Amre, Sidhu, Azhar, Hirwani, Manjrekar, Prabhakar Shares dressing room with the likes of Kohli, Sharma, Pujara, Karthik, Ishant, Jaspreet, Raina, Uthappa, .. They were either toddlers or yet to be born when Sachin announced his arrival.
9. German Wall was there, standing strong. West Germany and East Germany divided the country Germany is one nation, one country at this date
10. Bombay Stock Exchange could never go beyond 3 figures The 21k mark was surpassed in 2008

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