A Woman’s Day Out – Experiencing Spa

A Woman’s Day Out – Experiencing Spa
Serenity Oil - It Works!

Albeit it sounds like a cliché to say that the world today is a madhouse, let it – for it is something that we all believe in. Yes, we live in mad times where those things like computers that were meant to save our time ironically end up consuming most of it. Where do we get the time for ourselves? Rather, where do we spend most of our free times? On the laptops, smart phones, tablets of course. “Feeling groovy” status update – that’s the latest definition of leisure. If not that it is about gulping down “chaar botal vodka”, which is not exactly something you need to FIND time for cause its kaam tera roz ka.

Spa photos
Slippin into the Spa Mood

Personally speaking, I have had enough of all thing social media and selfie overload. I realize that I am up to no good flaunting pictures on my facebook profile. Second that my Twitter account makes me look a bit more intellectual than I am, but what am I gaining in ‘net’ (pun intended) from it?

I guess my definition of recreation has changed quite a bit after experiencing the authentic spa massage. It has turned from wasting my senses to refilling them. No, I ain’t doing any hardcore meditation alongside. I am still splurging – but on better things.

Spa massage
Bodilicious..ain’t it?

So, here I was, at the enchanting gate of Aroma Thai Day Spa. Since I had taken an appointment, I did not have to wait much to sop up a piece of history that rarely does someone get to experience. Once my spa therapy began, the aches and pains that I was carrying on my shoulders and around the neck, disappeared with the gentle strokes of oil-laden hands and elbows of the lady therapist. Thanks to her, I am a big fan of deep tissue massages now!

Massage at spa
Serenity Oil – It Works!

As in meditation, you connect with your soul, in a spa you reconnect with goodness! But definitely, it was not just about the oil and the massage for a good sixty minutes of therapy but also some girlie chit chat brewing up between me and the therapist. Like a good salesperson she convinced me into trying a detox spa the next time I drop in. How sure she was that I’ll surely drop in the next time! The massage started from the feet and ended at the pressure points of the head. A happy me stepped out of the dim lit room and was offered a bland yet aromatic drink to sip on. Strange that I liked it. Sawasdee! 

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