Winter Wonderlands that You’ll Get Wowed By

Winter Wonderlands that You’ll Get Wowed By

It’s that time of the year again when the equatorial lands rejoice in the dawn of spring. It’s a time when your bodily flaws enjoy a sort of open season. There is a certain weightlessness in everything that surrounds you.

You know what I love about the flirty flakes? They don’t give a ‘soft white damn about whom they touch’. It’s in their nature to fall freely and love without discrimination. You’re lucky if they hit on you.

A lot has been left behind – the layers of fur covering your birthday suit, the folds of velvet on your snugly bed, and the pristine mystical blanket of white snow that sat on your roof top like a fiddler, knitting lullabies for the toddler who sleeps in the warmth of his mama’s lap. No effigies, no odes, as a tribute to my life-long fling with snowflake hotspots, here I list some of my favorites where I’d love to see the snow crystals entrap me, all over again:


 Chocolates anyone? But I’d rather get you the snow from Swiss – that’s definitely more exquisite. A little gulp of cognac down the throat is enough to keep me snug. But that’s not what keeps me alive – it’s the snow.


Cashmere anyone? Nah1 I am not bringing you that .I’d rather keep that wrapped tight around myself while I go sight-seeing every valley, every hamlet of the seventh heaven. Kashmir’s snow-kissed mountains and boundless greenery – marvelous I say.


Seductive and dangerous – a lot brews up here right in the eye of snow storms. Swedish snow is what I reach out for in search of a companion in isolation. This is the snow to have a love-hate relationship with. Best enjoyed from a distant view from the inside of your window, it can be like the magician’s calling.

Alyeska, Alaska

Picture this – you are looking above a blue-ish sky, paranoid and perplexed. The sky doesn’t want to let go off the snow flakes it embraces tightly in its arms, but the snow has to leave for it can’t wait to fall in the lap of the rugged terrain. That’s the kind of romance the Alaskan snow creates. It’s lively and true.


Mild, slight touches overpower your senses. It’s pleasant throughout the year in Utah, so you don’t need to worry about the extra baggage that winter brings along. Plus, you won’t miss out on the pleasant snowfall and inviting cinder cones if you choose the right timing of the year.

While the world may see the spring as the queen of all other season, spreading its joys every where it spurs; for me the snow bearing winters are the ultimate ecstasy.Such is the nostalgia of winters – It lingers – and leaves you with reminisces of the grey times.  Such is the magic of snow – it takes you by your hand and leads you into a winter wonderland. Such is my liking for the season gone by – that I carry its essence, I guess, in my DNA 🙂

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