Empower Yourself With Leather Shoes – Why Leather?

Empower Yourself With Leather Shoes – Why Leather?

You can’t really break away from wearing black and leather shoes.

We know how much men love formal leather shoes, leather jackets, and leather pants. Leather accents on pieces make it fun and spices up an outfit. Leather since ages has been a luxury item to own. The reason can be the cost, look, and heritage punch that it provides even after wearing it every alternate day.

A good appearance is what you notice at first sight and you can’t deny but the choice of outfit and shoes are what you notice first. The leather shoes definitely leave a good remark. Leather is not only about formal wear. It is available in so many patterns, designs, and for different occasions. 

Leather shoes that are clean, in good condition is an easy way to transform your look from ordinary to extraordinary. If you are someone who gives a lot of thought before making any purchase well, this is your call to make a smart investment.

Leather shoes are best for both males and females for office wear, casual wear, or even for that festive mood. Let’s see how an investment in leather empowers you.


Why leather shoes as the choice for Men's footwear fashion for formal or casual occasions

Why would not invest in something that is long-lasting? Leather shoes are durable for every season and stand strong in every odd environment. 

One can buy footwear but a leather shoe for men or women is an investment. It is cheaper compared to others purchasing two to three pairs of shoes in terms of leather shoes. It outlives the synthetic material shoe. This is the biggest benefit one wants to get and that too in good quality.


Are you aware that you can wear leather shoes the whole day and still not feel any rub or bruise? Leather shoes let your feet breathe and prevent your feet from smelling bad.

It keeps your feet cool and makes you comfortable knowing the luxury bed it gives to your feet from day one.


Be it the formal leather shoes or the casual leather shoes it gives you the right fit from day one to the day is about to be thrown. You don’t have to hustle with plastic or any other tricks to get your feet into the shoes. Be it any weather or no matter the amount of time passed a premium pure leather shoes will never stretch instead it will fit the right and better.

Low Maintenance

Why leather shoes as the choice for Men's footwear fashion for formal or casual occasions

The leather shoes are very easy to clean and compared to other footwear materials. You can wash/ clean with a damp cloth or even try to polish it with the leather cream available in the market available for shoes clean up. 

It hardly takes a minute to do and you are all set with a shiny pair of shoes to elevate your outfit.


Oxford, derby, loafers, moccasins, peshawaris, handcrafted brogues, and leather sneakers are available in variant colors and different patterns to choose from. It is not anymore the traditional selective pieces but today we have an endless number of choices available. 

It looks stylish, luxurious, and classy because of its sleek and shiny material.


Today being concerned about nature is the need of the hour. Manufacturing of the synthetic material and the decomposition both are harmful to the environment. Leather shoes have no such things involved.

It is an eco-friendly product as there is no chemical involved. It sparks your morals and finance both.

Water Resistance

Leather shoes can be water-resistant if the material is waxed properly. You might have to head towards the office or any casual meet and the weather doesn’t favor. The leather keeps your feet dry and away from any spills of water to ruin your dress.

It can easily be dried and brought into the new look with simple tricks.


Good shoes take you good places. Leather shoes in premium quality have to be in your collection. Buy only pure leather shoes and be the style icon. 

Remember nothing beats the smell of good leather and a smart investment on footwear to elevate your outfit every time. It’s always shoe O’ clock somewhere to go shop for the best leather shoes and feel empowered.

Rohit Raina
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