Why Should You Wear a Black Dress to Your Prom?

Why Should You Wear a Black Dress to Your Prom?

Black will always remain an iconic gown color. Still, only a few girls pick it for their prom night. Its edge, classic, sophisticated, and dark. It doesn’t matter what you want, just make sure you make a statement. Black is a timeless color that manages to suit everyone. If you cant, decide what color you should wear on prom, then stick with black. It will look good on you. If you need convincing and let the following help you out!

A History Check

From 1940s-50s (back in early prom days) pastel gowns with delicate lace and silhouettes were popular. Femininity and delicacy ruled. Black wasn’t acceptable because of beauty standards. It didn’t enjoy any popularity before the 1980s. The 1960s and 1970s oversaw the rise and fall of hippy flowers with bohemian dresses, pastel colors,and floral prints. There weren’t many options available.

When the 1980s came, it introduced a sense of freedom no one ever had. This is the time when almost everything was considered to be a hit in fashion. The Punk Music Genre really helped popularize the use of black in daily wear. Tight gowns and synthetic fabrics popularly made their way.

The 1990s and 2000s oversaw the rise of bright color prom dress. Shiny fabrics and bright colors defined the whole era. There was some room for black dresses,but it never became a popular choice.

The Modern Incarnation

Black Prom Dresses started to rise in popularity post-2010, especially after 2015.  Elegance has made its way into school gymnasiums and hotel ballrooms. Today, black is even used in Spring collections. People favor black dresses with intricate details.

Why Should You Wear a Black Prom Dress?

Apart from current Fashion trends, there are a few other reasons you should consider wearing a black prom dress. Following, we are giving some examples:

It Never Goes Out of Style

Short black dresses have been popular for decades now; we don’t expect they will go out of style any soon. Yes, the color doesn’t have the daily staple of bright shades,but it is nothing sort of trendy. If you want to look your best and fashionable without doing much, black prom dresses can help you.

It Suits Everyone

It doesn’t matter what your body type, skin tone, hair color or height is, black suits you perfectly. It doesn’t matter if you want to spend a couple of bucks for your months saving for your dress, you can stun everyone by wearing black.

It’s a timeless color that is easy to wear,and it looks good on everyone.

High Reusability

Several occasions demand formal wear, and nothing screams sophisticated better than black! You can wear on prom night, college, charity gala or whatever you can think about.

Stand Out

If you want to stand out from the crow during your prom night. You better wear black because not everyone does it. People often go for bright, don’t follow suit. If you want a decent prom dress, visit JJ’s House. The website has a good selection of black prom dresses.

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