Why RO for Water Makes all the Difference

Why RO for Water Makes all the Difference

Today, almost every household installs a water purifier at home so that they can enjoy pure water. Usually, the water that flows from the taps is not pure as it contains some impurities. When the water is boiled, some microorganisms can be killed, but the sediments, and other impurities are not drained away. Even by distilling, the odor cannot be changed. So, purifier removes all the impurities from the water as it contains several chambers and compenents to filter.

Parts of the filter

Filters are made of several parts such as filter housing, inlet filters, RO rooster pumps, adapters and SMPS, filter cartridges, RO pipings, brackets and clamps etc. different types of filters are found such as spun and wound, micron filter etc. These filters perform different types of functions such as RO known as reverse osmosis water filteration, ultra violet disinfection, ultra filteration, etc. Reverse Osmosis is a mechanism of water filteration that includes passage of water and the other solvents that are present in the water through a semi-permeable membrane. So, the sediments or particles that are present in the water that cannot be dissolved just by boiling are processed through this chamber. This chamber filters different types of sediments such as pesticides, ions, micro-organisms and other chemicals from the water. So, the process of desalination takes place so that the salt that is present from the sea water is also removed.

Process of filteration

The filter system also consists of pre-filter system and water flows through the line valve so that the water is filtered through reverse osmosis filter system. Some of the commonly used pre-filters are carbon filters and sediments. They filter the dirty particles, other sediments and the other chlorine content that is present in the water.

The RO membrane is also an important component of the filter system. They remove all types of contaminants from the water and after the stage of purification, the water reaches the storage tank.

The water that is purified in stored in the storage tank. Different filter systems have different storage capacity. So, before buying  a person should check the storage capacity of the tanker.

The purified water first runs through the post-filter system and the water stored in the storage tank moves from the reverse osmosis faucet. The drain line is used to remove the water that consists of dirt and dust. Everyday, this water should be drained by switching the valve so that the pure water is drained.

Purification of water

The filter system also contains UV lamp or light that is known as UV-C or germicidal UV. The UV-C rays are absorbed by the body of pathogens and the germs are killed in the process. The DNA of the pathogens are deactivated so that they do not multiply. In this way, 99.9% of the organisms are killed in the process. It performs the pre-treatment process so that the water is properly purified. The sediment filters that are present in the system remove the silt particles so that the organic impurities from the water are drained away.

The ultra-filteration system also removes the bacteria and other types of microorganisms. This filter system contains semi-permeable membrane that uses hydrostatic pressure to push the water into the membrane and hence all types of micoorganisms are killed.

So, the filter system comprises several compenents that perform all types of function. Some of the filter system that are commonly used by the people today are Aquacare, Kent etc. A person should buy a well-known brand in the market because it is durable and can last for many years.

The service providers provide installation, repair and replacement, and maintenance services to the customers. If a person wants to install kent purifier, then they can contact kent ro customer care number so that the technicians are ready to provide services.

Sometimes, due to constant usage, the compenents and parts of the purifier get damaged. The reverse osmosis system gets damaged and the water does not effectively filter the sediments from the water. When the carbon filter gets damaged, then the water smells bad. The cartiledge system gets dirty and cannot accumulate dirty particles. So, this system is cleaned or is replaced. Using certain chemicals it is cleaned or else it should be replaced. Some of the compenents such as filter straws, water bottles, pleated metal adapter kit are replaced due to damage and constant repair. Usually, the water purfier cannot be repaired by an individual. So, the team of technicians arrive home and repair the purifier system. They use special equipments such as UV lamp, RO membranes, activated carbon and mechanical filter to repair the compenents. The UV lamp should be repaired so that the chlorine is dissolved from the water. The sea water also can be filtered by performing the process of desalination.

The customer care no of kent ro should be maintained because sometimes, the compenents get damaged which should be repaired or replaced. If the parts are extensively damaged, then they should be repaired. The Reverse Osmosis system should be repaired, so that all the contaminants are removed easily. If the RO system is damaged, then pure water does not flow from the membrane. The semi-permeable membrane also should be constantly repaired by constantly inspecting the parts. The customer can buy the packaging for annual maintenance so that the parts are constantly inspected. They can repair the parts whenever possible.

Usually, the wall hunging kit is also available along with housing with PP, clearing housing Dor, and other compenents that are used for repair. After few years, the compenents of the filter should be changed so that the sediments, DI cartidges, and carbon etc should be changed after every 6 to 8 months. The RO membrane should be changed preferably after 2 years. The reverse osmosis system is an integral part of the filter system that removes ions, large particles and molecules that remove the larger particles from water.

The UV light also should be changed after few months because they kill different bacteria and viruses. These parts are important and should be changed after a certain period.

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