Why most of Ecommerce Stores Fail to Scale their Business?

Why most of Ecommerce Stores Fail to Scale their Business?

Over the years, the internet has established itself as one of the big markets to create or strengthen our business, but many of us don’t know how to get the most out of it. Before talking about why most online stores fail, let’s analyze whether having an internet business can be profitable or is it simply an utopia.


The use of mobile phones to connect to the internet is increasing; there are 26 million mobile phones with internet. The number of smartphones continues to grow; there are already almost as many 6,800 million mobile phones in the world as people. Electronic commerce continues to grow at a rate of 15.1%. A right ecommerce marketing agency can help you design your mobile-friendly web.

So, Why Most Ecommerce Stores Fail To Scale Their Business?

Well, it’s straightforward, online stores are not just about offering a product or service through your website, because the first mistake made by online entrepreneurs is is as explained through the following example:

If you set up a physical store on a street that does not see crowds or not many know that you exist, you are doomed to fail because without customers entering your store, you can’t sell your product. Well, precisely the same thing happens in online stores, if you have a website, but it’s not marketed well over the web, you will hardly sell anything. You have to keep in mind that on the internet, the competition is maximum, and if you don’t stand out from others, you have no future.


Let’s take another example, imagine that you have to buy bread and you see a bakery, but it is unhygienic and dirty, would you go shopping there? The same holds true with online stores, if your website does not offer reliability or clarity, even with many visits, you will never be able to convert them into sales.


Another typical issue with online stores is the complications when placing an order, and for you to understand it, we will give another example so that you put yourself in place of the customer.

You enter a store that you love and find what you were looking for at a reasonable price and thus want to buy it; you go to the payment counter but as it turns out, they only accept cash. No cards, no digital wallets, no nothing. Because you don’t have the cash, you leave the store fuming and promise yourself to never come back to this store not recommend it to anyone.

This is what happens when you don’t have an optimized sales system. The ecommerce marketing agency helps you to provide payment merchants.


Another typical mistake is to become obsessed with social networks, worry about how many likes you get and how many followers you have, but what is the use of having 1200 followers if you do not know how to get leverage from this number?

It is also prevalent to do contests and give something to promote yourself. This idea will surely come from seeing the promotional campaigns carried out by large companies, already positioned and with a name on the network. These contests do not add any value if you have worked on good marketing before because you will get some fans, others will share your page and end up giving away a gift and sales will remain the same. Every promotional action you take, you have to analyze it and see what you can get in return.


After all the above, it is apparent that setting up an online business can be profitable or very profitable, but as the name says, it is a business, and you have to take care of all the details to succeed. All these errors provided here are prevalent in the vast majority of online stores, but luckily there are also great solutions to all this. Still, this topic will be treated next week in a new post, a publication that I will talk about how to get that your online store does not go into oblivion and can stand out from the competition.

Rohit Raina
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