Why Menorah is the Best Gift for Hanukkah

Why Menorah is the Best Gift for Hanukkah

Jewish families gather around during Hanukkah to celebrate the reign of Maccabees over the more massive Syrian army. Hanukkah starts on the Hebrew calendar date of 25 from November to December, which spans for eight days. During this festival, not only Jewish people celebrate but also other Christians around the world. 

Aside from the feast, gift-giving is also a part of the celebration. Most Jewish people send gifts like Hanukkah menorah, to keep the tradition alive. Because Hanukkah is also the ‘Festival of Lights,’ more Jewish people give menorah, or the nine-lamp Hebrew lamp stand to symbolize the light of God. 

What Happens During Hanukkah? 

Some people may think Hanukkah is the equivalent of Christmas for Jews; however, it is not. The celebration is a commemoration of the miracles of Jesus for the people of Jerusalem. According to the Holy Scripture, Jesus took part in the celebration of Hanukkah, and Jewish people received the miracles ordained by God. 

Christians, who are familiar with the Hebraic roots, celebrate this fantastic festival to glorify God as well. However, Jews are more creative with the celebration, with traditional family activities like gift-giving. 

Hanukkah Gift-Giving Etiquette

Because the festival is eight-day long, Jewish people prepare several activities for everyone to enjoy. For these people, receiving a Hanukkah menorah is excellent because it represents the Holy Name of Jesus.

If you are giving other Hanukkah gifts, make sure to avoid the following: 

  • Foods that are not typical during Hanukkah
  • Extravagant gifts like cars, gadgets, and jewelry
  • Using Christmas-theme wrappers for the presents
  • Giving money

To be safe, you can give books to kids, useful kitchen items, or handmade presents. Moreover, consider getting presents in white and blue colors, as these are hues associated with Hanukkah. 

Why Choose Hanukkah Menorah for Gifts

The reason why menorah is the best gift is, it is practical, useful, and brings holiness into a house. It comes in various shapes and sizes. Today, there are several menorahs you can find online, from wood to metal and other materials. 


You can always go for the menorah to save yourself from the hassle of finding the right present. Besides, it also costs a little lower than other gifts you can think of, and it is also a memorable gift during this festival. Menorah also comes in sophisticated forms and designs these days, ranging from artistic pieces and a wooden arch. 


Aside from providing light to the house, the menorah also serves as a decorative piece. It can enhance different corners and parts of the house, including the dining table and even bedrooms. 

Honors the Tradition

Giving menorah is the best during Hanukkah. The nine lights of a menorah lit during this eight days festival suits the tradition. It gives meaning to the festival, and it never goes out of style. In case you are thinking of the best family gift, this should be your priority. 

Hanukkah is a celebration of unity, love, and hope. This festival makes families closer to one another while honoring God for a fruitful year. 

Rohit Raina
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