Which apps should you use to stay on point with your weight loss goals?

Which apps should you use to stay on point with your weight loss goals?

For anyone who wants to get into a good and healthy shape, it pays to invest some time and money into your weight loss aims. Weight loss is one of the hardest things to do, though, as it requires a significant change in the way that you live and think about your food.

If you find it extremely tough to stay on track with your weight loss goals, then we recommend that you try out any of the following weight loss apps. Using an app is easy as it allows you to have a constant reminder that you need to get yourself in gear and start losing weight as soon as you can. It also kills off a lot of the excuses that we come up with to make ourselves feel justified in gaining extra weight.

Each one will offer you a fair amount of help and advice to make sure you can get the right level and depth of weight loss that you would have wanted.

What, then, matters in your aim to get into shape? What kind of apps can be useful for you? As a lifestyle blog for 20 somethings, we are here to provide some useful suggestions.


Probably the first and most common offering for a fitness app that you should use is the wonderfully named MyFitnessPal. As research from hcg injections has shown, it’s like a personal comrade who is very pushy and who makes sure you never get the opportunity to slack off on achieving those weight loss goals that you have set.

This is very good for those who want to start getting into a better state of body shape, as it allows for you to easily add in things like your caloric intake for the day. MFP also syncs up with most personal fitness tools such as Fitbit.


Knowledge is power, and with Fooducate you will arm yourself with all of the knowledge that you could possibly need about eating. It’s a great tool for finding the flaws in what you are eating, but it also does a rather spectacular job of making sure you can find a healthier choice to eat instead.

It’s a fine app for making sure you can spot the brands spiking their foods with extra sugars, and it will help you to spot the ‘unhealthy’ foods which are good for us and the ‘superfoods’ which actually do more harm than they do good.

Fat Secret

One of the best apps for making sure that you can make a big difference to the quality of life that you lead, though, is the aptly named ‘Fat Secret’. This app is a wonderful tool for making sure you can find difficult to spot pros and cons in a huge number of supermarket ingredients and restaurant meals.

While Fat Secret can feel a touch too comprehensive at times, you will find it’s great for tracking what you eat, what you have eaten and also what kind of caloric intake you are seeing from month to month. A fine choice for those who really like to see the analysis of what they eat – and why it might make losing weight problematic.

Weight Watchers

While this will not be for everyone by a long stretch of the imagination, the Weight Watchers app is a very useful little tool. It’s going to help you make some small but significant changes to the way that you work, leading to a big improvement in your bod shape in a short space of time.

However, please be aware that this app is only for those who are part of the Weight Watchers program, which will cost you around $4/week. It’s up to you if you want to try the program out, but the app is pretty good.

Lose It!

The clue is in the name: Lost It! is a fine app for anyone who wants to start shedding some pounds in a short space of time. This easy to use app comes with a whole host of useful information stored within about nutrition information on various foods. It’s easy to use, and it does not come with any costs unless you choose to use the full powered Premium version.

For most people, though, using the standard version will make it easier for you to start making some genuine changes to the way that you eat from day-to-day.


For those who want to up their nutrition and be more serious about your weight loss, Cron-O-Meter is a must-have. This is very easy to use as it allows for you to store key biometric data like your cholesterol and blood pressure levels with ease. While it can be quite easy to use and it does offer you a lot of useful information, it’s also among the most popular tool around for safe, comprehensive nutrition tracking.


Lastly, we recommend that you take a look at HealthyOut. It’s easily among the most popular of the fitness apps out there, and it’s great for making sure you can still go out with friends and enjoy a healthy meal. Instead of worrying that everything in the restaurant will ruin all of your good work, HealthyOut makes it easy for you to spot a few hidden gems on the menu and get a healthier restaurant meal.

Entirely free to use, you can adjust stings for your own lifestyle, health needs and dietary requirements. Now, you can easily spot the kind of foods in a restaurant that you can enjoy without having to spend the rest of the night feeling like you just ate a full raw pound of guilt!

Take a look, and you will soon find that healthy eating is made so much easier with the help of HealthyOut: the perfect choice for a creative and combative eating assistant which will make such a huge difference to your quality of life moving forward.

So, what will you do first to make sure you can live a happier and healthier life? We recommend trying out any of the above apps do just a fine job of making sure you can start to look suitably spectacular in the shortest space of time.

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