Where to Get Weed in New Hampshire

Where to Get Weed in New Hampshire

Wondering where to get weed in New Hampshire? While medical cannabis is legal in NH, availability can be sparse, and recreational weed is still a work in progress. Take a look at a few things to keep in mind if you are looking for New Hampshire dispensaries.

Where can you buy weed in NH?

Medical cannabis patients can buy weed at one of the medical dispensaries in NH, and there are a handful of dispensaries currently open to patients. Unfortunately, those looking to purchase weed for recreational purposes don’t yet have options for purchase within the state. Medical cannabis was passed by NH legislation in 2013, albeit with a restrictive list of qualifying medical conditions. However, adult-use cannabis legislation is still in progress, and several setbacks have slowed down the process.

A Look at the Dispensaries in NH

So where are the dispensaries located in New Hampshire? Take a closer look at your options for buying legal weed below.

Recreational dispensaries in NH

According to some of the latest news, as of February 2022, a bill had passed the NH House of Representatives but was expected to undergo changes and challenges before further approval. Therefore, fully legal weed—and adult-use dispensaries in NH—may still be a while. Residents can travel out of state to visit dispensaries near NH and purchase cannabis, however.

Medical dispensaries in NH

There are currently three main companies in the state of NH that operate medical dispensaries in several locations. Dispensaries are known as Alternative Treatment Centers (ATCs). The companies and locations include:

  • Temescal Wellness in Dover, Lebanon, and Keene
  • Prime ATC of NH in Merrimack and Chichester
  • Sanctuary ATC in Plymouth and Conway

Initially, medical marijuana patients had to select a preferred ATC. However, that initial rule has changed as of September of 2021. Any medical marijuana patient can visit any dispensary in the state that they choose in order to get their cannabis.

Can NH residents buy weed in MA?

Absolutely. Even though adult customers don’t have access to New Hampshire dispensaries just yet, they can travel to Massachusetts to purchase weed legally. And, many NH residents make the trip to Mass to visit one of the many dispensaries in the state. Do keep in mind, however, while you can travel to MA and buy weed, it is illegal to take your purchases back home across state lines. To avoid breaking any interstate travel laws, it is always a good idea to plan your trip to a dispensary near NH accordingly.

Find a Recreational Dispensary Near New Hampshire

The road to legal weed in NH has been a little bumpy, and it may be a bit longer before residents have access to NH dispensaries in their home state. However, you can find a dispensary near New Hampshire in MA to get the cannabis you want. Uma Flowers in Pepperell, MA is just 15 minutes from NH state lines, and we would be happy to serve you with premium cannabis in a welcoming environment.


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