What makes watching movies online a great idea during monsoon?

What makes watching movies online a great idea during monsoon?

Every day is awesome, and so is every season. But not all of them are the same, and each season demands something. Like where summer is all about stepping out and creating memories, monsoon is all about staying put and having some ME time. We know there are some who love to go out for treks during the rainy season but not always, right?. So if you think like us and would love to spend time in your home watching movies, then this article is for you. Today, we are focusing on why watching online movies is a great idea during monsoon? 

The Comfort Of Home: A house is not a home, but you can make a house a home by spending time and creating memories in it. Monsoon gives you all the more reasons to stay put at your place. About a decade ago, we used to come up with different games to play when chilling inside our house but little did we know that it would make up for some great memories in the future. Today, you can gather your loved ones in the house and relax watching movies, creating new memories in the process.

OTT Platforms Offer A Wide Variety Of Movies: We are lazy, and the online streaming services know it better than anyone, and that is why they even have a recommendation section for us. So, we do not have to go through the hassle of finding a new movie. They also know that we would be watching a lot of movies this season and that is why they have updated their collections with some amazing movies. So no matter how many movies you are done with, you will always find something interesting to watch on the list.

Great Option Of Binge-watch: We live in an era, where people would wake up at early morning, not to go for a jog but to rather watch our premiere of their favourite television show, you know who you are. hen there are people like us who save their favourite movies and TV shows for days like these so that they could binge watch them to our heart’s content.

No Worries Of Getting Wet Or Dirty In Monsoon: Seriously, who likes to get wet during the rainy season? We do not know which part of the country you are from, but here in Mumbai, the water levels are way too high, and the potholes are way too deep. So why even take the risk of stepping and out and getting drenched in those muddy, dirty water, when you can sit back at home and watch all your favourite movies online with some hot latte or chocolate. 

Trust us, though there are many things you can do in the best season ever, you should consider watching online movies as an option.


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