What Is The Difference Between Sculpture and Installation Art

What Is The Difference Between Sculpture and Installation Art

What Is A Sculpture

One of the most recognized plastic arts that have been around for centuries and is a three-dimensional visual art is called a sculpturing. With the modernization of sculpture art, it can be performed with a variety of different materials such as ceramics, wood, metal, and stone. It can also be assembled in a variety of different methods such as welding or molding. The most durable and long-lasting form of sculpting is done with stone.

It has been proven because some sculptures that were done back in the ancient times by ancient cultures have survived and are still around until this day. Most wood sculptures that were done in those times are no longer around. The cultures that have had the most sculptures to survive over the years are African, Central American, South American, Mediterranean, and Chinese. The first form of western sculpturing began in the times of ancient Greece and this great work continues until this day. 

The Origin Of Sculpture Art 

Sculpture art can be traced back to prehistoric times. During these times it is well documented that individuals were known to create model figures. Sculpturing started and continues to be a vehicle that artists use to express their ideas and creativity in the form of shape, space, design, or mass. Most sculpture art is presented in the form of a human figure or in the form of nature such as an animal or plant.

There are two kinds of sculpture art that are performed and they are relief and sculpture in-the-round. The relief sculpture can only be viewed from the frontal view and it is put together on a surface such as the floor of an art museum. The in-the-round sculptures are the most diverse of the two sculptures because they can be viewed from many different angles. 

What Is Installation Art Sculpture

When an artist uses three-dimensional works to transform the perception of a certain area this is known as installation art. Installation art is mostly only used to describe art that is done in an interior space but on some occasions, it can extend into an exterior location as well. It is important to know that exterior art can also be referred to as public or land art.

Installation art can be constructed in a variety of different locations such as art galleries, museums, and libraries. Installation art can also be used as temporary artwork for hosting an event or it could be used as permanent artwork for interior and exterior decor. Installation art can be expressed in multiple different ways this includes video, the internet, and even virtual reality.

The Origin Of Installation Art

Installation art began back in the 1970s and is social in its nature. A famous artist by the name of Marcel Ducham was one of the artists that helped to integrate the installation art sculpture into the art world. Installation art is very similar to sculpturing the only difference is that the focus of installation art is on space, volume, and time. The purpose of installation art is to implement daily life into the artwork. 

The Connection Between The Two 

When an individual is either creating a sculpture or installation art they are using the sensation of space. This sensation of space is what connects the two art styles and makes them very similar in nature. Another connection between these two forms of artwork is that both have assisted mankind in intellectually expressing their imagination and creativity.

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