What is Donald Trump Made of, Made of

What is Donald Trump Made of, Made of

(…of money and ‘Apprentice’ and everything nice; that’s what he is made of)

Better known by his catch-phrase “You’re Fired” rather than by his comb-over hairstyle, Donald Trump is the man who got the world stumped. Business moguls (Read: waanabes) stand little chance in front of his business acumen (read: common sense). He has been on America’s rich list since 1982. He has been the “ladies man” since around the same time. He has been encased by hullabaloos ever since he turned 26; and, till date (somehow) manages to stay in news (He is President of United States, sure, but he doesn’t need that label to make news!)

 You might abhor him for painting a grim and grey picture of where America is headed; or you might take him as your “insight guru”. But one thing is for sure – Trump can piercingly look at you in your eyeball and tell you exactly where you stand. That is why you ought to take him seriously. When he comes up with strong statements bagged by equally strong facts and figures all that he is trying to say is, “Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and Life.”

Back in the 1980s, THE Donald Trump was notorious for his ruthless attitude and a flamboyant spirit. During the same time, amongst all controversies surrounding him, he rose to be one of the most influential landlords. (Just to re-emphasize his pool of wealth: under his possession were countless glass towers, two casinos, and a Donald Trump Shuttle airline, new york hotel). That said, little does anyone know that The Don suffers from a morose fear of shaking hands. A very few may be interested in his personal life (read that again; that’s personal life not personal wealth for every one is much interested in the latter). But won’t it be nice to know that the WWE owner Vince McMohan and Donald Trump have been long time buddies?

 It’s baffling how with all that buzz surrounding Trump and his affairs, there is not much publicized about his bankruptcies. Not that no one knows how he lost the game four times (read: has filed for bankruptcy four times) and won it all back, just that why doesn’t anyone take a cue or two.

Most consider Donald Trump as a businessman on the money-making spree who does it like a junkie on hash, but sorry guys Trump doesn’t really do it for money (as most others of the same stature claim). Better still money hasn’t been a motivation for him, it’s the thrill of the game – there we see the casino owner walk the talk. Maybe he never lost to the moolah since he was never interested in it. Guess, it works much like love – you win the game only by losing it. That’s how you learn the tricks of the trade. As far as Trump and his business is concerned, remember – there is nothing personal about it.

If you have gone through his confessions over bankruptcies you might have noticed that he talks about his failures as confidently as he talks about his success. Donald Trump’s forthrightness sets him apart from the rest (except for the fact that he doesn’t carry a briefcase just like all other businessmen). Equally charming (yes, I use that word on purpose) was his acknowledgement that he could never have made a good head of state. Let’s face it; the phoenix like survivor who fails to be bogged down by adversities can turn the phase of the tides. I find him as racist, sexist, and xenophobic as everyone else does, but he does know how to settle in the minds of his audience.

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