What Is Automatic Writing in Spiritualism and How It Can Help You

What Is Automatic Writing in Spiritualism and How It Can Help You

Have you ever wondered what real automatic writing mediumship online entails? Is it worth scheduling a session? If you’re interested in a message from the universe, it may be just the thing.

Writing Produced Involuntarily Through Channeling

Automatic writing first became popular in the late 1800s as part of the Spiritualism movement. During that time, there was a lot of interest in contacting the dead, and people often held seances. Some professional spiritualists became so popular that they were practically celebrities.

Channeling is a particular way to converse with spirits. It involves mediums allowing the deceased to speak through them — sometimes literally. Automatic writing, a type of channeling, enables spirits to write their communication by taking control of the medium’s hand or the writing implement.

Can Provide Clarification in Your Waking Life

When people cross to the other side, they have greater access to information. Spirits can often see what’s hidden and may perceive time differently, if at all. As a result, the departed can provide the following:

  • Warnings about the future
  • Family secrets
  • Advice on relationships, career, finances, etc.

During an automatic writing process, mediums may try to contact a specific spirit or leave the session open to whoever is present. If you prefer one method or the other, make sure you talk to the psychic beforehand.

Process of Automatic Writing

It’s always a good idea to learn about a psychic process before scheduling a meeting. That way, you know the appropriate etiquette.

For psychic readings online, your medium will contact you beforehand to set a convenient time and date. Most online psychics do a reading via video conference, but some only offer phone calls. You should be able to see what a psychic offers on their online listing so you can choose the option you’re most comfortable with.

Once you’re both online, the psychic will ask preliminary questions. This is the perfect time to discuss your concerns, as it helps mediums focus their efforts. The psychic will then take out writing implements and paper so the automatic writing can begin.


For a spirit to use mediums’ bodies, mediums must first enter a state between this world and the next. Called a trance, this state is very similar to the moments between waking and sleeping. Psychics who channel can train themselves to fall into a trance on command with meditation and other techniques.

During the trance, mediums hold writing implements loosely in their hands. The tool or their entire hand will move, spelling words or drawing.


It’s always a good idea to write down questions before a psychic reading. That way, you don’t have to worry about forgetting something. Sometimes, an answer sparks more questions, so don’t be afraid to take notes during the session.

Automatic writing is great if you have questions about your future or hidden things, but it’s not the only way to get answers. If you want to know more about your personality and motivations, psychic astrology readings are a fantastic option. Should you wish to speak to a loved one who’s passed, a spiritual medium can help. No matter what you need assistance with, there is a psychic who can help.

Rohit Raina
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