What Does it Take to Stay Groomed?

What Does it Take to Stay Groomed?

What’s your idea of a well-groomed man? A well-groomed man is someone who takes good care of himself while balancing his day-to-day life. He would make sure that he won’t leave home without making sure that he looks perfect inside out. Staying groomed is not an art but a habit that takes the time to imbibe in your personality and you have to be religious about doing the same without any failure.

However, these habits just might bite you in the butts if you’re not paying attention to them causing a lot more damage than anything. Just to save you from being bitten in the back, we’ve laid down aspects that contribute to staying groomed. They help you look bright, feel bright and let you have positive skin results which are worth being complemented. But, all you got to do is – follow them.

Hair is good – but not everywhere

We’re okay with the stubble and are absolutely in favor of the hair on the head, but what about the ones growing out of your nose and almost merging with the mustache? What about the ones coming out of your ears? And, what about those on your eyebrows that look spiky and pointy? Cleaning them is what is the basis of where you need to get started. Clean them up.

Nails need to be trimmed and cleaned

Until and unless you’re the wicked witch what we also call as the ‘warlock’, growing nails is not your forte. What you need to do is – keep them short and clean. After all, you won’t be applying nail paints on the same and flaunt them like women do, so you need to make sure that what shows off needs to be spick and span. You can even buff them to make sure they aren’t pointy after being trimmed.

Use a cleansing soap for a regular basis

Your face is your identity and it is your bounded duty to make sure that it looks good. Not that we’re asking you to apply makeup, but the basic cleaning is all what your face needs on an everyday basis. Use a gentle cleanser face-wash that is compatible with your skin type and rub it gently across your face and neck to get the best results.

Keep your below the belt clean

You might think why would someone care about the below the belt when it is not even visible on the outside. Well, it is always not important f it shows or not, but the grooming on the personal level matters more. This way you can say that no mens underwear styles are visible, why to even wear them? The probable reason to this is – because whether it shows or not, it does its work of supporting. Likewise, cleaning the hair follicles down there keeps you feeling clean as well as making you sweat less and help you look good for the special times.

Deodorant – less is more for you

Smelling good is everyone’s birth right, but men take it too seriously. Applying two to three sprays on the desired area would be enough for you to smell good but spraying more than that can choke someone badly. Choose the one that complements your body smell and will stay with you for long hours.

Shave better but slowly

If you aren’t doing it with caution, you might just hurt yourself. Shaving needs all the focus and tricks that give you a closer and cleaner shave without having cuts and bruises everywhere. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to shaving your face, armpits and even below the belt.

Are you groomed??

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