What are Wisdom Teeth and When Should They Be Removed?

What are Wisdom Teeth and When Should They Be Removed?

Not everybody has a clear understanding or definition of wisdom teeth sorted in their heads. So, here goes the internet definition, “They are the third and final set of molars that most people get in their late teens or early twenties.” We will deep dive into the definition in the subsequent paragraphs. Now, wisdom teeth can be an asset in some cases but, more often than not, they are misaligned and stand out from your otherwise properly aligned teeth.

This is why a lot of people are advised to have their wisdom teeth removed by their dentist or orthodontist. But why is this so? And what really are the wisdom teeth beyond the definition we looked at?

If you decide to have your wisdom teeth removed, should you be mentally prepared to endure pain during or after the procedure? Let’s learn everything we should learn about wisdom teeth and the corresponding surgery.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth that push through the gum in humans. They usually break out into the oral cavity between the ages of 18 and 25, as the rear molars. Normally, every person has four wisdom teeth that are already in place before birth. However, some people do not have all four or might have no wisdom teeth.

These teeth do not necessarily have to be removed. Often, however, they have no place in the jaw to push through. This is because human jaws are getting smaller and smaller. The dentist can determine how many wisdom teeth you have and whether they have space to break through using an overview x-ray.

When do the wisdom teeth have to come out?

Wisdom teeth often not only have too little space, they are sometimes on the side or at an angle and cannot grow normally. So, it may be that they press against the already existing teeth and damage them. A wisdom tooth operation may also be advisable for orthodontic reasons if the newly erupting wisdom teeth endanger the success of the treatment.

Wisdom tooth removal with a risk of inflammation

Often the wisdom teeth can only push through half of the gum and are still covered by some mucous membrane. Underneath, there are many bacteria that cause permanent inflammation. This is not only stressful for the immune system, but it can also lead to acute inflammation, which is accompanied by severe pain and swelling. If there is such a permanent inflammation, wisdom teeth should be removed by a Family Dentist.

Wisdom tooth surgery due to cavities

Wisdom teeth are difficult to brush, even if they have push through completely. Since they are so far back in the mouth, they can only be insufficiently cleaned with a toothbrush. Therefore, they are very often affected by severe tooth decay, which also means they must be removed. You can have wisdom teeth removed by an oral surgeon, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, or a dentist. Find a doctor who already has experience in removal and can react quickly and adequately if the procedure should take an unforeseen course.

Different ways to pull the wisdom teeth

Whether the wisdom teeth have to be removed on an outpatient basis in a relatively short procedure or have to be surgically removed in a somewhat longer operation depends on whether they have already grown out correctly or are still hidden in the jaw. It is also possible to have all four wisdom teeth removed during an operation, or initially only the teeth on one side and a few weeks later the teeth on the other side. The choice determines how severe the pain will be after removing your wisdom teeth.

Wisdom tooth surgery

The dentist or surgeon applies a local anesthetic using a syringe. The gums are opened by a cut and detached from the bone. The tooth is either pulled in one piece or gradually cut up and extracted. As soon as all teeth are completely removed, the wounds are sutured. The stitches are pulled seven to ten days after the procedure.


That’s basically it about what you must know about wisdom teeth before you meet a dentist one-on-one and clear all your doubts. They can examine you personally and give you the best advice.

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