What are the Major Steps to Recovery?

What are the Major Steps to Recovery?

There are some major steps to recovery you must take. You should be supported through your entire journey and recovery does not have to be so difficult that you cannot see your way to the end. Check out https://www.infiniterecovery.com/ to find out more about these steps. 

Intervention is the beginning of the process and a way for you to begin healing. Professionals help you address behaviors that are harmful to you and those you love. These professionals can address a wide range of concerns from substance abuse to other addictions. If you or someone you love is unable to face your disease, an interventionist is there to help and guide you on the path to healing.

Once you understand that you have a substance abuse concern, and you want to begin recovery, detox is the next step. A detox center provides a quiet place without distraction where you can focus on taking the next step to being drug-free. Detox programs should be compassionate and targeted to help you face withdrawal and keep you stable.

Residential Treatment provides you with a calm space where you can focus on your next step to recovery. You will receive all the medical and behavioral health care you need to be administered by professionals. You will receive treatment that is personalized for you based on your needs and where you are in treatment.

Extended Care Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is the next step once you have completed the inpatient program. This helps you succeed in recovery by providing a partial hospitalization plan. These are extended care programs that last anywhere from 30 to 90 days. These programs help you focus on recovering but with less intensity than the inpatient programs.

An Intensive Outpatient allows you to begin to join the world again by re-entering school or work. This is an outpatient program that still focuses on group therapy but is less intense and more flexible than the inpatient programs. These sessions help you learn how to weave yourself back into everyday life. These sessions can help you work through any obstacles or challenges you are facing.

Sober Living includes living in sober homes to help you build a strong foundation of sobriety. These are spacious living areas that help you feel safe while learning how to resume regular life again.

Your family needs care, too. Some programs can focus on what your family went through while you were suffering from a substance abuse problem. This program offers support to your family, so they can better support you. Your family may benefit from counseling to help them navigate their feelings about previous bad behaviors in which you may have engaged.

Once you are alumni of any program, you are not forgotten. Support and community are integral to your success. Once you have gone through the process of treatment, you are family and receive support for every step your take in your sober life. Recovery must be woven into every aspect of your life. It does not take time off, and you will constantly be in recovery.

Christie Lewis
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