What Are Paddle Holsters Good For? 

What Are Paddle Holsters Good For? 

Choosing the right paddle holster includes comfort, concealability, and fit, depending on how frequently you use the holster. If you are an occasional user, active retention may not be necessary. However, if you are an everyday user, you may want active retention.

Disadvantages of paddle holsters

Paddle holsters are a convenient way to carry a concealed weapon. Unlike belt holsters, they are very comfortable to wear and easy to remove. However, they may not provide the same stability as belt holsters. In addition, they may shift around when worn in pants that are not fitted properly.

Using a paddle holster allows you to adjust the placement of the holster without adjusting your firearm. Paddle holsters are designed to fit the Glock 19 model but are available in different sizes to fit other handguns. This allows you to choose the most appropriate holster for your firearm.


Paddle holsters are an excellent choice for people who want to carry their guns while remaining comfortable. These holsters come in various styles, including those that can be used with cover garments such as a coat, sweatshirt, or light jacket. Additionally, you can find paddle holsters approved by the USPSA, IPSC, and IDPA.

Paddle holsters can be made of various materials, such as Kydex or leather. Leather paddle holsters are generally more comfortable and have more features than other types. On the other hand, Kydex paddle holsters are made of a less flexible plastic material. Kydex holsters are consequently compact, strong, and low-maintenance. They also won’t absorb moisture and won’t leave stains on your clothes.


A paddle holster is a great option when you need to conceal your weapon. Because it clips onto a belt, it is not visible to the general public. You can even wear a light jacket or sweatshirt to keep it concealed. 

Paddle holsters are easy to conceal and clip onto your belt with a rigid paddle-shaped clip. The clip can attach to the belt or waistline of your pants. Modern paddle designs are secure and can be removed in seconds.


The fit of paddle holsters is crucial to your safety and comfort. The proper fit will ensure that the handgun stays securely in place when you draw it. It should also slide forward and back easily so you can draw the pistol without causing any obstructions. Moreover, the fit of paddle holsters is very adjustable, which makes them even more comfortable to use.

The fit of paddle holsters is slightly different from a belt holster. This is because they do not sit as closely against the waist as belt holsters do. Therefore, paddle holsters may be less comfortable for people with large midsections.

Kydex material

A paddle holster is an excellent accessory for concealing your concealed weapon. This holster can be made from many materials, including leather and Kydex. Leather paddle holsters are typically more comfortable to the touch and often have more features, while Kydex paddle holsters are durable and lightweight. They also require very little maintenance, and water won’t damage them.

Another benefit of Kydex paddle holsters is their ability to flex and contour your body. As a result, paddle holsters with this material are especially useful for guns with irregular shapes or sizes. In addition, they can make it easier to draw from concealment without the gun moving around.

Easy-on/easy-off design

Paddle holsters are popular for women who don’t wear belts or other clothing styles that don’t allow them to wear belts. These holsters allow people to draw their firearms easily without removing their belts. Paddle holsters are also compatible with other concealed carry holsters.

Many paddle holsters feature an adjustable waistband for maximum comfort. A good paddle holster will hold a handgun securely when drawn. Moreover, it should be easy to put on and take off.


A paddle holster is a convenient option for carrying a concealed weapon on your person. It fits easily into the seam of a belt and is often placed at the front or side of the body. This allows you to easily remove your weapon before reacting to an attack. A paddle holster should fit snugly on your belt and securely hold your weapon.

A paddle holster can be more comfortable carrying a handgun than an OWB holster. This is because the paddle will not ride inside the waistband, which can be uncomfortable for people with large midsections. Another advantage of paddle holsters is that they are convenient for practicing holster drills.


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