Welcoming the First Snowflakes: 5 Tips for Vaping in Cold Weather

Welcoming the First Snowflakes: 5 Tips for Vaping in Cold Weather

Winter is an enchanting time. You have crisp air, white tips on the trees, hot chocolate, and warm firesides. However, once the novelty of winter wears off, we’re often left with the stark reality of icy roads and the numbness that cold weather brings. There are other things too, that can make winter an unwelcoming time, things such as vaping. Even though it may not seem like such a big deal, vaping in the winter time with the icy weather can become a challenging hassle. Take a look at these 5 tips so you can be prepared for the cold, and keep vaping in comfort.

Top Tip #1

  • Take Care of the Battery

We know that the summer sun can contribute to overheating batteries, but did you know that cold weather can also add to overworking the battery as well? And, if you live in a colder climate, then beware if the temperature dips below -4F because it is unlikely that your battery will function at that temperature.

Take care and conserve your battery. The battery is already struggling in the colder temperatures due to the chemical reactions cold temperatures cause. Your battery’s performance could become weakened, and the battery life will decrease as well due to these chemical reactions. So, just bear in mind that your battery will not last as long in the cold weather and take these precautions:

–    Clean out residue resin

–    Never charge the battery in below freezing temperatures

–    Avoid leaving the vaporizer overnight in a cold car or another cold area

–    Keep your charger handy

Top Tip #2

  • Avoid Moisture

Condensation and winter come hand in hand, so this is a tip that may be a constant struggle to enforce. To avoid condensation when you are traveling, store your vaporizer in a case or in a bag, this will keep the device warm and out of harm’s way.

Top Tip #3

  • Use a Quality eLiquid

Check out the ingredients on your favorite e-liquid. E-liquids that contain higher levels of propylene glycol (PG) are a better choice for the colder months because these will not be as viscous as e-liquids that contain more vegetable glycerin (VG). Don’t worry, you can choose from hundreds of awesome e-liquid flavors that will help you have an enjoyable vape experience throughout the winter.

Top Tip #4

  • Use Extra Protection

If you are serious about prolonging your vaporizer’s life, perhaps you should consider investing in a silicone sleeve for your favorite device. These sleeves assist in maintaining a constant temperature, which will help to avoid condensation as well as maintain your device’s battery life.

Top Tip #5

Be Patient

But a silicone sleeve may not be enough to enforce longevity on your device. You will also need to be patient and raise the heat of your vaporizer above the heating level that you would typically use. In the cold, you should use a slightly higher heating level, and then you also need to be patient because the colder temperature will prolong the time the device takes to heat up.

Continue to enjoy vaping in the winter by following our tips and taking care of your device at the same time.


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