Different Ways To Get Health Insurance in Massachusetts

Different Ways To Get Health Insurance in Massachusetts

There are a lot of options when it comes to how you get health insurance in Massachusetts. Most people get a plan through their employer. However, there are also other options for finding reliable coverage. 

Through Your Employer

Almost three-quarters of the employers in Massachusetts offer health plans as one of their benefits. Most of them pay at least one-third of the cost and allow you to choose from several plans, so you find one that fits your needs. If you have a family, they will likely be covered here as well. 

By Qualifying as a Student

Those who are enrolled in a college in Massachusetts can purchase a plan through your university. These plans are only available to currently enrolled students and will end when you graduate or otherwise discontinue enrollment. 

Directly From Insurance Companies

Like in any other state, you can buy a health care plan directly from an insurance company. The best part about this is that a company can no longer turn you away because of a preexisting condition. The biggest thing to know about this option is that the insurance company may direct you to purchase from an intermediary company. These take care of the premiums and enrollment paperwork for the insurance company. 

Through the Connector

When the company you work for doesn’t pay for at least one-third of your Massachusetts health insurance plan, you may qualify to purchase a plan on the Connector. The Connector lists the health management organization plans available in your area and tells you the best options. Additionally, people who meet certain income requirements can receive subsidies to help pay for coverage they purchase through this program. 

Any state resident can use the Connector to find a plan during the open enrollment period. You can also enroll during other times of the year if special circumstances have changed your situation. For example, if you move to Massachusetts or lose your health insurance through work when enrollment is closed, you can purchase a plan through the Connector. 

Through MassHealth

People who meet certain income requirements may be eligible for MassHealth. This insurance program is part of Medicaid and is paid for by state and federal taxes. You can peruse the state website or call your state’s Medicaid office to see if you are eligible. 

By Qualifying for Medicare

People who are over 65 years of age or have a qualifying disability are generally eligible for Medicare. To check your eligibility and find out more about this program, you should visit or call the Social Security Administration office near you. 

Through Other Government Sources

Aside from Medicare and Medicaid, both the federal and state government offer health insurance to certain groups of qualifying people. For instance, HealthyStart, CommonHealth, Peace Corps, and Indian Health Services are government groups offering lower-cost health coverage. If you think you may be eligible for one of these programs, you should contact your state or the federal health care office to learn more. 

When you look at a health insurance plan, you should consider all of your buying options. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get insurance in Massachusetts. Check all of these sources to find your best option. 

Rohit Raina
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