7 Thoughtful Ways to Celebrate Without Alcohol

7 Thoughtful Ways to Celebrate Without Alcohol

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to celebrate something big without alcohol. Whether you’re currently in recovery, you want the kids to get involved, you’re on a cleanse, or you simply don’t drink, you can celebrate and have the party of your dreams without a drop to drink.

Not everybody enjoys alcohol, and it certainly isn’t necessary for a great celebration. Here are several ways you can celebrate without alcohol.

1.   Adventuring

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If you tend to be the outdoorsy type, why not take a trek to see some fabulous views and maybe break a sweat while you’re at it? Go hiking, climbing, kayaking, cliff diving — you name it. Anything that lets you chase an adventure!

2.   Picnic Party

Picnics can be a great social experience for those who want a chill and relaxed celebration. You can bring food from home or even make it a potluck for everyone to participate!

3.   Dry Brunch

Brunch is a fantastic celebration because it feels a little fancy, while still sticking to a setting where alcohol isn’t completely necessary. Choose a food with a benefit, like seafood for an immune boost, while you knock back those virgin mimosas — that way, you have a clear head for the whole day ahead of you!

4.   Spa Day

Speaking of luxury, going for a spa day is the definition of treating yourself. Book a few services and relax with a pal or two — or go solo!

5.   Beach Day

The beach can be a fun, chill place to spend the day with your friends or family, and there are plenty of beaches that don’t allow alcohol anyway. Soak up the sun and relax by the waves — that sounds like a great way to celebrate.

6.   Paint Night

While there are some paint nights that involve alcohol — like paint-and-sip — there are plenty that center around making art with your friends. If you can’t find one you like, why not plan your own?

7.   Head to a Dance Class!

Let’s say you miss the sound of the music and the feeling of dancing, but you don’t want to spend the night at a bar or a club — why not head to a dance class instead? Not only will you actually learn something new, but it might even help you break out of your comfort zone.

Celebrating Without Alcohol

Even though some people like to get boozy, you definitely don’t need to drink to have a good time. From going adventuring to kicking back and relaxing with a spa day, you can find a celebration that fits you perfectly. How are you celebrating soon?

Rohit Raina
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