Valentine’s Day Is Here: Plan It Right

Valentine’s Day Is Here: Plan It Right

Are you considering to make this Valentine’s day a special one? Afterall, it is a special day for both of you and you don’t want to compromise on anything. Ladies love it planned right and the tips that are mentioned here will help you to plan it just right for her.

Send her flowers

Every woman loves to receive flowers. Preparation is the main thing that you need to keep in mind. Give her a surprise! Make a card on your own. You can buy cards from any stores but that won’t be a romantic one. A perfect surprise would be a handmade card with some romantic quotes and a bouquet of flowers right beside her bed or while she’s at work.

An intimate dinner

Every women loves to have a man who can cook dinner for her. During Valentine’s day most of the restaurants have overpriced reservations. Don’t ponder over those reservations! Make a dinner at home. Enjoy your time together. If you cannot cook dinner, just order some food that she likes. Decorate the surroundings. Add your own romantic touches and enjoy your privacy at home. Choose a wine which goes well with your dinner. Be her personal sommelier and pour her that glass of wine in style!

Take her to a special event/place

Women love when her man makes all the plans for a special outing. Take her to a live concert. If she is not into concerts, take her to a music festival or lounge parties. You will find a number of offers on festivals and concerts from BookMyShow or any as such. It does not have to be expensive. Take her to that place where you first met or she wanted to go but couldn’t due to busy schedules. Dress well. Say something special to her. Your woman will love it! In the end, don’t forget to mention how much you adore her.

Watch a movie together

Plan a special outing and go watch a movie. It could be a costly evening at the theatres since it is a special day. Check out for special offers on BookMyShow and plan the special date that you have been longing for a while now. Choose a movie that she likes and spend your alone time at the theatre without worrying about anything else. Spend your time with her. Hold her hands and enjoy your privacy.

Make something special for her

Try making a personalized gift. Do something for her which has an emotional or sentimental value. Attach a romantic element to the gift by writing something where you first met or shared your first kiss. Make a personalized picture frame for her. Write 365 things that you love about her. This will help her to remember you when you’re apart from each other.

Make a romantic playlist

There is something about music which brings people together. Choose the music that she likes.Include the songs that have a special meaning for her or which recalls old memories or experiences. Choose her special artist and let the internet do the magic for you. Dance with her. You don’t have to be a professional to bring out those moves. Set up the perfect mood with scents, music and lighting. Use scented candles. We recommend an internet generated playlist because you will be too busy chatting. You can later switch to personalized playlist to relive old memories.

Get creative at home

If you have been intimate together, don’t make this day an exception! Fall into each other’s arms and give in to your desires after the long day. Explore your inner fantasies and discuss what turns you on. Keep it going after the incredible evening that you spent together and get comfortable. She’ll be thrilled and if you can please her well, she will return the favour. This special day isn’t a typical day, hence don’t make the night like any other night. If it does not go well, don’t worry! You can laugh about that later. Cuddle up and enjoy each other’s company.

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