An Unsent Message

An Unsent Message

I’ve lost count of the life’s I’ve lived
In troubled waters of eternal rifts
I seek a pebble to revolt
And throw it in the face of the bolt

In every creek and haunted cave
One drop blood-tear I try to save
Of those who left me lone amid the road
Of those I let me move away
Of those who made me gently sway

At every ray of dawn I’d say
If only I’d been made of clay
My road you could mold your way
Set it not in stone, but in brick
That brick you’d use to build your home
While like a tramp my soul would roam

And at that ray of dawn I’d say
For you I’d let my soul astray
No! Not the heart
T’was not the captive
Amour, mon ami of yours was festive

For you’d let my soul astray
In search of we I’ll always stay!

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  1. sadhvee

    one of your finest expression in the simplest words.. wish you all the success… god bless 🙂

  2. nj

    excellent piece of poetry….amazing reflection of wisdom and maturity of creator or writer…

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