Underwater Hotels that Steel the Limelight

Underwater Hotels that Steel the Limelight

Innovation knows no boundaries, and especially when it comes to creative concepts like restaurants and bars, everyone is looking to make a mark by doing something different. So while some are thinking about opening cafes on difficult terrains, others have dared to explore the idea of digging seabed. And no, it is not to hit gold or oil, but to utilize the space for building dream-like structures out of brick, mortar (or whatever the substances that can withstand water are named). Just for your eyes, we get you some of the most exotic underwater abodes. So hold your breath and take a dip!

Hydropolis Underwater Hotel, Dubai

Being the world’s first underwater luxury hotel is applause worthy achievement. Under construction since 2007, its an awe-inspiring outlandish( pun intended) constructions in the world!

Jules Undersea Lodge

Head Key West, USA and then plunge down under the deep waters, to spend a jubilant time at the Undersea Lodge. How about the idea of profound studies in which you’ll surprisingly find yourself submerged to the fullest? Yes, the lodge offers educational facilities too.

Floating Apartment (Trilobis)

Forget about floating hotels. Welcome to the world of floating homes and apartments. Seemingly a good investment for times to come (given that all the ice in the world is about to end!) floating homes by Tribolis would be a luxury worth splurging on.

The Water Discus, Dubai

Imagine a Disc revolving amidst mystical hues submerges in clear blue waters. Imagine being an aqua being. Imagine all that at the convenience of being a human. The water disc in Dubai features on spas, bars and restaurants – bliss in the oceans!

If I am ever asked to choose to shift base, I’d pick the waters for sure. Not the surface – that’s pretty stormy and unpredictable an option, but the depths. That way I wouldn’t have to care even a bit about learning scooba and stay with the fauna for ever.

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