Different Types of Indoor Furniture to Choose from When Being Creative

If you are looking to upgrade your home, or simply refurbish it completely, and get rid of the old to bring in the new, sometimes you may forget how many different things there are on the market to choose from. 

The guide below can give you a list of some of these things to incorporate into your house, just in case you may never have thought about it. Why stick to the common types of furniture pieces when you can be a bit more creative?

Types of Sofas

Did you know there are a variety of different sofas you can choose from apart from the common ones you see in people homes? Below we have chosen a few of the good ones.

Chaise lounge: this is a similar item to a chair but has a longer seat than a normal chair and has no arms, some people refer to them as simply a lounger.

Recliner or sleeper sofa: these are quite common in studio flats or apartments with not much space and people use them not only to sit on but also to sleep on. A great and practical item, you can recline it and it becomes a bed, and when you put it back upright it goes back to being a sofa. If your looking to save on space this is one item you should have.

Camelback: similar to a camel it has a high back, which drops into the arms through a contour line.

Lawson couch: the main sofa has detachable back cushions that can be removed and is designed for comfort. 

Sectional piece: this is a divided sofa into separate sections. 

Loveseat: this is made for either one person or can also fit two people and is a shorter version of a normal recliner which usually comes as a set and part of a full sofa. People usually have these separate on one side of the room or attached to the main piece.

Tuxedo: this type of sofa has high arms which are of the same height as the back of the chair and at 90-degree angles. 

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Types of Tables

Accent table: anything that is referred to as an ‘accent piece’, typically is purposefully placed to stand out from the rest of the items in a room. One example could be if a room is kitted out with a complete set of white furniture, you could have an accent piece of a chair that’s blue or green. Same with the table, it would be different from the rest of the crowd.

As a powerful way to add some colour or creativity into your home, there are a few ways you can do this such as those mentioned here: https://www.thespruce.com/ways-to-use-accent-furniture-1391610

Coffee table: one of the best things to add to any living room or lounge is the center table or coffee table. Usually, they are designed to be lower than the rest of the items around them and you can add some coffee table books onto it, or a vase of flowers. It can be used to place drinks and plates or anything else onto it.

Console: not a popular choice in many living rooms but these can be great in a family room. It is a narrow piece that is placed behind a sofa but is more common in entry halls or foyers.

End table: placed next to sofas on either end or next to a chair, these end pieces are also a great way to make things more practical by allowing you to use them to place your glass or mug on them while you are relaxing on your sofa.

Benches: these can be either used for storage in the family room, such as to keep books inside or your kids’ toys, and can also be used in the bedroom at the end of the bed to store bedding, towels and any fragile items of clothing and belongings. As a practical and great way to keep things in one place, you can find these indoor furniture benches online and they come in an assortment of lengths, materials such as wood or bamboo, and even colours. 

Types of Book Cases

The standard bookcase: this is a large piece, usually made of single shelves and is supported by the wall behind it. They can be as tall as required and the most common material they are made from is wood.

Cube: this is a more modern looking one which you would find in kids rooms or in the living room to keep books on. It compromises a square design with either 6 or 9 shelves, all square and equally apart. These are very symmetrical and look great in any room. You can use them for shoes as well.

Leaning shelf: as the name suggests it is designed to look as if it is leaning against the wall. It can either stand on its own with a slight slanting angle or can be attached to a wall. 

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