4 Latest T-shirt Printing Methods for Customized T-shirt Printing Business

4 Latest T-shirt Printing Methods for Customized T-shirt Printing Business

Customized T-shirts trends across the globe increase the demand for this business day by day. Many people create their personalized design which is based on social media trends and on market. Some fashion giants allow customers to design their own products that are from their unique collections.

If you start your own personalized T-shirt brand then you should consider two major decisions that you need to make. First is you need to choose the best t-shirt design software that you need to create your customer customized T-shirt designs hassle-free. Another is the T-shirt printing method to deliver high-quality t-shirt prints with all color combinations and complex designs.

While selecting personalized T-shirt design tools, you need to consider a few elements and factors to make an informed decision. You need to choose the right printing method that helps you make the best customize t-shirt design=gn from your software. 

We are here to help you with that below are the 4 T-shirt printing methods we will introduce you to choose from that best align with your Customized t-shirt brand.

4 T-shirt Printing Methods that work Best for Customized T-shirts Brands:

  1. Direct to Garment (DTG) or Digital Textile Printing method:

Direct to Garment aka Digital Textile Printing method is the latest technology in the T-shirt printing or fabric printing business. In this technology. Inkjet printers are used to print the designs that are created using software for printing T-shirts. As inkjet printers are used, the technology allows printing numerous colors combinations and complex designs.

In addition to the DTG printing method, you can print on various types of fabrics such as silk fabric, polyester, and even or other materials such as cotton, linen and wool etc.

Advantages of using DTG printing for custom t-shirt printing:

  • Inkjet printers do not need much space so you can start your business in a smaller space.
  • Through DTG printing you can pint any complex design.
  • Another advantage of DTG printing is that you can print less amount of T-shirt too. Now no need to wait for getting bulk orders.
  • DTG printing set up is easy and quick to adapt.
  • You can print maximum color combinations print through this method.
  • DTG printing method is an eco-friendly method and it also does minimal water pollution.
  • Through Digital Textile Printing you can avoid dead stock because you can print as much you get the order.

Dye-sublimation Printing:

Dye-sublimation printing is another form of printing. It is a heat printing method through which designs are created using software for designing a t-shirt and printed by heating to transfer the design to T-shirt. 

In this process heat and pressure transform the ink from solid-state to gaseous form and once, applied, and turns to solid again. 

Advantages of using DTG printing for custom t-shirt printing:

  • Through this method, you can create layer designs.
  • It keeps the fabric soft.
  • It may be a little expensive but works best on especially polyblend based t-shirts.
  •  It is possible to Print-on-demand for bulk orders.

Plastisol Transfers:

For those t-shirt printing businesses who do not wish to make preparatory expenses on Printing machinery and just want to experiment with few t-shirt designs first before going into bulk manufacturing, Plastisol transfers are the best option for them.

Advantages of using DTG printing for custom t-shirt printing:

  • You can save on preliminary costs through this inexpensive method.
  • DTG printing is best for experimenting designs and t-shirt printing start-ups business.

Screen Printing:

Machine-based screen printing is the other t-shirt printing technologies people adopt the most.  In this method screen printing inks that are thicker in nature can create durable and vibrant t-shirt designs. Remember this technology only good if you bulk orders or prepaid design orders. 

Final words-

Each method has its own benefits.  Out of these, some methods are ideal for start-ups, some are best for established Customize T-shirt printing businesses. So, choosing the best amongst all is difficult but if you have a clear goal, you can easily select an ideal printing method you need.

Christie Lewis
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