Travel Insurance During COVID: Is It Worth the Price Payable?

Travel Insurance During COVID: Is It Worth the Price Payable?

Planning for a holiday is a fun-filled experience, craving to bask in the sunlight, lending your ears to some soulful music of the waves, listing down the cafes that you would like to visit, and what not!

Apart from the fun involved in planning, we tend to forget about the right kind of travel insurance for the trip. Travel insurance provides a safety net to avoid losses during uncertain times. With the ongoing pandemic, it has become essential to own international travel insurance

With novel coronavirus posing some severe threats to the global health solution, tourism is one of the world’s worst-hit sectors.

The government has banned international flights coming to India and has issued travel advisories to avoid unnecessary travel abroad. The need for an international travel insurance policy has also increased manifolds. 

Need for a Travel Insurance in the Post-Covid World

In the post-Covid period, it is essential to understand the importance of having international travel insurance.

  1. A travel insurance plan is an all-purpose emergency plan. Be it an illness, an accident, lost luggage, canceled flight, stolen baggage, damaged electronics, and any unforeseen situations, you won’t have to bear the complete loss yourself if you have travel insurance to rely upon. 
  2. International travel insurance covers all sorts of risks involved during the travel, such as loss of passport and personal belonging cover, and loss of the checked-in bag. Since all of these risks are covered, you can ensure an additional layer of protection against financial loss. 
  3. With top-notch assistance services of the insurance companies, you can seek assistance from finding the best hospital in a foreign land to filing your claims in the right direction. 
  4. As a part of international travel insurance, insurance companies provide coverage against natural calamities. Hence, in case you plan on canceling your trip, you don’t face the losses. 
  5. Having travel insurance allows you to travel in peace. Whether it is a solo adventure or a family trip, travel insurance can ease your anxiety as you have protection in case of travel mishaps. 

Coronavirus Travel Insurance

With the government issuing the travel advisories, Indians are worried about losing money on postponing or canceling the trip. Domestic travelers are unwilling to continue their trips as the government has asked people to avoid unnecessary traveling.

In situations like these, Coronavirus travel insurance comes to rescue the people who have to delay or cancel their trips. 

Trip Cancellation Due to Coronavirus

People will avoid traveling as far as it is possible. In case the insured traveler wishes to delay his trip for a few weeks or cancels the trip altogether, the losses incurred will be covered by the coronavirus travel insurance. The claims will be settled according to the terms and conditions of the policy at the time of buying. 

Hospitalization Due to Coronavirus

International travel insurance covers emergency hospitalization and medical treatment expenses incurred during the trip. Emergency medical expenses will be covered under the insurance as per its inclusion terms. 

The terms and conditions will remain unchanged as it was at the time of its purchase. You should check with the insurance provider to know about the quarantine cover. 

The sudden outbreak of the novel Coronavirus and its subsequent spread across the globe has painted an ugly picture of the world’s population. The government has instructed people to stay home and safe, avoid unnecessary traveling. If you feel there is a need to travel urgently, make sure you will be adequately covered under international travel insurance. Seek support from reputable companies like Tata AIG, who are working hard to ensure that your journey is peaceful, safe, and stress-free. The international travel insurance that they offer provides coverage for:

  • baggage delay and loss
  • trip curtailment
  • trip cancellation
  • departure
  • loss of passport
  • accident and sickness medical expenses

Invest in a Good Travel Insurance and Safeguard Yourself

Ever since the decision was taken to unlock the nation, domestic travel has significantly increased. Firstly, it is crucial to keep in mind that you follow the government’s protocols and take all the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe and sound when you are traveling. Secondly, owing to the disease’s uncertainty nature, you should invest in a good travel insurance plan to get coverage against various uncertainties.

After all, investing in a good comprehensive travel insurance plan should be worth the price you pay. 

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