Top Ways To Protect Your Boat At A Storage Facility

Top Ways To Protect Your Boat At A Storage Facility

Some people are fond of racing cars, biking, while others prefer the exhilarating boating experience. You can fish, sail, race, or hang out with friends in the middle of the sea. Likewise, you can day-trip to the closest bay and spend some days on the neighboring island to enjoy fascinating sunsets.

After all, owning a boat has its pleasure and thrill. But once the summertime is over, fun days on the lake also come to an end. 

Do you know where to store the boat during the long cold winter months? If you have a garage, make some space for the boat as these are quite convenient.

Otherwise, consider renting a storage unit to secure your boat in a closed space. You find these units in different sizes, spacious enough to fit your boat readily.

It will protect the boat from rain and thunderstorms, but that is not enough. If you are thinking about how to safeguard the boat, have a look below. Here are the top five ways to protect your boat at the storage facility. 

1. Choose a Storage Option 

With the rising demand for storage units, they offer multiple facilities at one place. When it comes to protecting the boat, there are many options. You can store your boat in a yacht storage unit that offers multiple amenities like water hookups, storage lockers, etc.

Otherwise, if you have a smaller boat or jet ski, consider using the rack storage option. It keeps your boat covered in a shed with other boats. You will call the storage facility, and they will lift your boat with a large fork truck.

There is no ideal storage option because it depends on the climatic condition of the city. If you are in Louisiana, look for reliable facilities with boat storage in Shreveport to get an indoor storage unit option since it is mostly chilly. 

2. Verify Security Features 

These days, thefts and robberies are quite common. If you don’t want to compromise on your boat’s security, look out for the storage facility’s safety features. Usually, industrial-standard security features include fencing, lighting, and video surveillance.

Top Ways To Protect Your Boat At A Storage Facility

You have to make sure your storage facility provider is offering all these features. Likewise, inquire about security guards and other digital vigilance facilities. If you are storing the boat indoors, the unit should have a manual lock, so that no one can enter except for you. 

3. Cover Your Boat 

Whether you are storing the boat indoors or outdoors – you have to cover it. Boats come across a series of wet and dry cycles during their stay in a storage facility. Similarly, they also witness varying environmental elements – hot and humid days, freezing temperature, bird dropping, hailstorms, etc.

Therefore, finding the right boat cover is a ‘must’ to guard your investment against damage. Boat covers have to be watertight, but loose enough to let the air pass through. Are you wondering how to find one? Note down your boat’s model number, manufacturer, and head over to a boat shop to get a cover that fits right. 

4. Watch Out for Driveways 

Most owners are particular about their boats, which means they can’t stand a small scratch or dent. Instead of directly taking your boat to the storage facility, watch out the drive lanes at the site.

Driveways have to be at least 40 feet wide to maneuver the boat trailer. It would be great if your storage facility offers second gate or pull-through access, protecting it the boat from scratches. At the same time, double-check the width and spacing of the indoor unit and parking facility.

The parking area should be well-delineated to inhibit crowding. Alongside this, it should have abundant width to reverse or move the boat out of space.

5. Use Heavy-Duty Trailer Lock 

Alongside ensuring security from storage facilities, you have to take some extra measures, especially if you store your boat in the open.

Firstly, use a heavy-duty trailer lock that is impossible to break. Similarly, use multiple locks on the hitch and wheels to eliminate any movement. Most importantly, use a lockable fuel cap because thieves don’t mind stealing the fuel either. Besides, you can also install an alarm or tracking device on the boat to eradicate the threat of theft.

However, these extra protocols are not mandatory; it is only for the owner’s peace of mind. 

Final Thoughts

Unsurprisingly, buying a boat is more like a huge investment. You can either enjoy yourself or rent it out to get some returns on your investment.

Anyhow, storing the boat with precaution is always essential. Although storage facilities offer top-notch boat storage units, your job is to ensure the boat is safe there. Inspect the storage facility and deploy some extra safety measures yourself. 

Rohit Raina
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