Top Five Things for Singles to Do this V-Day

Top Five Things for Singles to Do this V-Day

In a way being single helps you skip the cheesiness and the boring candle light dinners . This valentine’s its time to chuck the wine glass and indulge in wine bath instead. In short, make it large (Oops, see that paradox?)

Ok, you might be thinking why so much brouhaha about the Valentine’s Day. For you it might not be anything more than just another when you see a lot of celebration going on. Here are top five things to do this V-Day if you are single (and planning to bunk office).


  1.  Get a Spa Therapy: Feel beautiful (or handsome) and feel pampered. After all that’s what love is all about – celebrating being special. Indeed, why don’t you plan grouping up and planning a spa-at-home spree. Call all singles. May be in a bunch of serious seekers, some find their next V-Day date.
  2. Find Someone (to Spend Quality Time with): Let’s face it; the world is full of pretty faces but when it comes to dating rarely is anyone available. The good point is that this statement holds true for everyone. Guestimation would say that every 3 in 7 people you would meet would be single. Now put the math aside for sometime and begin with mission “V-Day Date”.
  3.  Group Up: All you single ladies, don’t underestimate girl power. Cook your dinner and gossips. Get giggling, share secrets and most importantly shop. Up your attitude and go win the world over.
  4. Dress up: You won’t get anywhere or anyone if you keep sitting inside your home all day long, staring out of the window. Stop all that melancholy and drama. Put on your favorite attire and get to the most happening place in town.
  5.  Buy Your Best Friend a Heart-Shaped Chocolate: V-Day like Christmas is incomplete without gifts and sweets. And, why should you discriminate between any kind of love when it comes to gifting? You BBF is worthy of some chocolicous love that will brighten up his or her day (yea, what a cliché!).

Singletons, less than a month is left for Valentine’s Day. Keep your eyes open and heart a little naughty. 🙂





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