Top Athletes Who Are Millennial Fashion Icons

Top Athletes Who Are Millennial Fashion Icons

Being an athlete boosts your reputation very quickly, especially if you have been scooping up awards in your sport. A love for fashion will make you even more famous. Those who have a taste for fine designer clothes are noticed faster when they show up at various events like red carpet parties and dinners.

In this era of millennials, rising to become an icon is easy, and it can happen before you even realize it. The athletes below have good taste in fashion, and this has helped them to be known all over the world. They have also inspired many young people who want to be like them.

Serena Williams

Our list has to start with this celebrity. She has been on the front of many newspapers, magazines and websites for her love of fashion when she is not giving other tennis players a hard time. Whenever she shows up at a party, she will be dressed for the occasion. She has her own clothing line that started in 2018. Even as we appreciate her fashion designs, she also earns more credit for maintaining her love for sports all throughout her celebrity life.


If you love football or have been playing this sport, you know how famous the top players are. In addition to being a star who has contributed to making Barcelona a success today, Neymar also loves fashion. He wears clothes with a European style and will always stand out every time he shows up for an event. Neymar is a major idol among youths.

Conor McGregor

When people hear of Conor McGregor, they think of boxing. He is involved in UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), and he has won many championships. However, fashion is another side of his life that has influenced many people. He is a good example of how people who use enhancement gear to grow muscles and engage in fighting sports can love fashion as well. Then, upgrade your wardrobe to complement your new physique.

Cam Newton

He is one of the most charming NFL players, and he owns a clothing line on the side. Every time he shows up for a function, people are amazed by his taste in fashion. When he is not showing off one of his new outfits, he is busy practicing with other players. He has impacted current fashion trends through his signature custom hats that he rarely leaves behind.

Maria Sharapova

This icon is another tennis player who has been a celebrity for a long time. She loves fashion and will spend her free time shopping for clothes and fashion accessories. If you follow her social media pages, you will get to see how she has influenced people’s fashion choices. She is one of the best.


You can follow these athletes to be inspired both in sports and in fashion. They have a huge following on their social media pages, blogs and websites as people look for the latest fashion designs. You too can join these trends

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