Top 5 Vivacious Holiday Spots of Australia

Top 5 Vivacious Holiday Spots of Australia
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Planning your travel to Australia? Looking forward to spend splendid holidays in Australia? Have a look at the list of the top astounding tourist destinations of Australia to have a fabulous time in this vivacious country.


With a colorful array of fine tourist destinations, Sydney attracts tourists from all over the world. With museums and galleries, historical sites, amusement parks, zoos, classy restaurants and cafes, music and entertainment, you will find yourself completely immersed in the vibrant ambience of the city. Enjoy the top notch performances at the world famous Sydney Opera House. Sydney is rated amongst one of the most family-friendly tourist destinations of the world. A visit to nearby beautiful beaches simply cannot be missed.

Island state of Tasmania

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This magical and rejuvenating place is a paradise on earth for the ardent nature lovers and explorers. Tasmania houses various protected wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. Enjoy your walks through the enchanting ancient rainforest. Taste the fabulous food and wine. Explore the place by driving on the uncrowded roads while enjoying the views of the captivating beauty of the place. Since it is a recognized tourist destination, you can easily find accommodation varying from boutique hotels to classy cottages.


Home to some of the wealthiest Melbourne citizens, this town is one of the most striking tourist destinations of Australia. This town is most famous for the Brighton Beach. You can swim, surf and relax on the beach while enjoying the splendid view of the Melbourne city. Brighton holiday accommodation varies from boutique hotels, bayside resorts, holiday homes to budget hotels. Experience the colorful and vibrant culture of the town with its line of fine restaurants and cafes, beautiful gardens and classic architecture, world class shows, events and parties.

Fraser Island

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This World Heritage Listed island has much to offer. The charismatic landscapes and the vivid variety of natural wildlife is simply breathtaking. Go for a walk on the fresh water lakes, take a dip in the splendid secluded beaches, rejuvenate your senses in the natural jacuzzi, enjoy the adventurous wildlife safaris and explore the friendly neighboring towns. Relax and enjoy your stay at the exotic resorts and hotels.

The Kimberley


With its unique variety of flora and fauna and majestic landscapes, this World Heritage Listed site is engulfed in wilderness. Visit the world renowned Cable beach near Broome. This beach is recognized as a vast stretch of white sand alongside the azure waters. Enjoy a lifetime experience of the sunset camel rides and the stunning view of the sunset on this beach. Purnululu National park,Lake Argyle and Drisdale River National Park are the other places of interest in the area.

A piece of advice for the first timers to Australia that it a big country and you need to plan your holidays as per your budget and availability of time. Come and explore the country and have a lifetime best holiday experience.

Author Bio: Ella Rich is a travel blogger and trip organizer by profession. She has great experience in indigenous tours in Perth and Western Australia. Sharing her travel experience through blogging is her real hobby. She is 26 years old and living in Perth with her beautiful baby girl.

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