Top 5 Things We Love the 90s for

Top 5 Things We Love the 90s for

I remember watching Bewitched as a kid, and I still do to get a taste of the bygone days. Yes, for those who believe that 1990 was just 10 years down the line, please grow up! Understood, that you miss the caffeine pills and the coca-cola credit cards that the 90s promised with no trace of delivering; nonetheless, you think those times as the most colorful ones of your life. What made you cherish the 90s? Maybe the following fantastic five:

  1. The Slang: When in history did people talk of money as “beans”? How could they “dip” the phone line! 90s got all the more awesome with “Chikas” and “Chillin”. The slang made 90s an awesome time
  2.  Slap Bracelets and Stick- on Earrings: It was time to stick! Closeness was not close on the agenda for girls unless it was about accessories. The slap bracelets were a rage; and, so were the stick-on earrings.
  3.  Bubble-gum Tattoos: Let’s face it; we all bought a chewing gum back then, just for the tattoo on the cover. In fact, we would collect and exchange them. Do you still get them, by the way?
  4. The Landline: Ok, the mobiles and BBMs don’t make us miss the wired-phones, but don’t we still love the good ol’ telephone? The way you would run for it from one room to another just to get it on in time!
  5.  Cursive Writing and Fountain Pens: Back in time, we had the thick fountain pen that we could barely hold for 10 minutes. And, then there was the aptly tilted way of writing, known as cursive. We didn’t love to write that way, but we admired those who could.

 Just opining, the 90s win hands down over the 2000s. Video games were far more interesting and the T.V. someone appealed even without Reality shows.


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