Top 5 Romantic Getaways for Honeymooners

Top 5 Romantic Getaways for Honeymooners

You have been waiting to whisk your partner away for the ultimate romantic experience of your new life.  It’s not surprising that you are overwhelmed just by the sheer number of places that the internet lists as “exotic” for honeymooners. Should you slip into the old-style Italy or get lost in the drama of Los Angeles? Before you decide read through a few more options that you can consider:

  1. Tahiti: Escape to the clear blue waters of Tahiti for a refreshing new start to your life. The ubiquitous islands are the largest in the Windward group. The colorful culture of Tahiti will not lave you dull and bored even for a moment. And, the romantic ambience of the place will rule your senses.
  2. Darjeeling: For the newlyweds planning a honeymoon in India, Darjeeling is a delight. Set in the lap of the Kanchenjunga mountain range, the spot offers a variety of fun. The scenic beauty will set the perfect ambience for keeping the flames alive.
  3. St. Barths: For those who haven’t heard of this place, St. Barths is a French-owned island that will give you some good enough reasons to stay a little longer than you planned. A lot many honeymooners emphasize on an exclusive experience, and St. Barth gives them exactly that. St. Barths has a truly European spirit that young couples yearn for.
  4. Paris: Totally lovable and truly indulging spirit of the place acts like a magnet for honeymooners all across the globe. Mixed emotions may take over you as you spend one day in awe admiring the Eiffel tower and the second in Disney Land. Beware! Paris might become your first love.
  5. Malaysia: Stunning corals and scenic beaches waiting to welcome you to an eclectic land of Malaysia make the perfect romantic getaway. Shop, splurge, relax and rejuvenate with the plethora of outlets that Malaysia offers for leisure. Amidst all the fun get to know each other better.

The world becomes a beautiful place with a partner for life. A honeymoon is just a way to manifest the togetherness you feel and to treat your partner with an enchanting experience. Here’s your chance to impress and express.

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