Top 5 Reasons to Take on a Road Trip

Top 5 Reasons to Take on a Road Trip

The roads – seriously, there is nothing philosophical about them. In case you forget, those dark and deep things that Robert Frost explicitly wrote about were woods. Roads are like infinite elongations of bricks and concrete. Worse still, they are all uniformly painted black. Some would say, if you have ever hit a wall take the road. Why? To be hit by the traffic! Ironically, we have better reasons why despite all odds, its definite lackluster and the galling traffic you must ramble the roads (by whichever means you prefer) TODAY!

  •  You Have Never Tasted (or Tested) CRAZINESS: You are young, doesn’t that give you the license to craziness? You are 50, even better! Only when you hit the road will you understand that a dream come true is not an accident. Whether you are going solo, coupling up, or taking the entire family along. Leave the load behind and kick-start your bikes.
  •  It Feels Just Like the Movies: Now while most of the stunts in movies (including smoking) are prohibited, luckily road trips are not. Personally speaking, I have been crazy enough to watch an entire 90 minute flick just for that one scene that showcases a panoramic view being absorbed in one road trip that the protagonist makes. Out on the road, dressed in black and stopping just to rest your eyes – feels just like the movies.
  • You Get to Enjoy the VIEW: Definitely, you are not on the road to be in the face of traffic. In case you think we are talking home to office to-and-fro, you just got the whole thing messed up. A road trip is best covered with and through solitary stretched rimmed by awe-inspiring landscapes. Take to the roads less traveled; if you get lost, you know you are in for an adventure.
  •  You Finally Understand Adrenaline: They always use that word – Adrenaline. What is it? Nothing until you have been zipping through the lush green lands of a remote county, everything if you have been there, done that.
  • You Learn Your Way Out: Even though it may sound a little cliché, you learn to swim only when you plunge and push against the current. That is the case with road-trips as well. You take the trip and then you make one.

When you are back from the adventure, you will look forward to backpacking for another. On a lighter note, you will get the taste of being a hillbilly wanderer for a while.

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