Top 5 Reasons to Stay in a 5-Star Hotel

Top 5 Reasons to Stay in a 5-Star Hotel

Do you wish to stay in a luxurious eastern-themed 5-star hotel with great food and an amazing experience when visiting the holy city of Madina? If the answer is yes, there are 5 star hotels over there.

Set just outside the haram area of Madina, some 5 star hotels combine sophistication and location effortlessly. Read on to know what makes the 5-star hotel in Madina an experience of a lifetime.

Luxurious Dazzling Interiors

One of the first things that you’ll notice about the five-star properties is the grand architecture and interiors that combine traditional Arabic design with a modern touch. The interiors of the hotel are uplifting and welcoming and are designed by international designer Morten Hansen of LWD Dubai along with calligrapher Mounir Al Sharaani, Egyptian lighting designer, Randa Fahmy, the acclaimed Peter Sanders. From the outside, the hotel has the feel of an Arabian palace with the walls decorated by Soraya Sanders, who is known for her traditional Arabic designs.

The hotel rooms too are elegant and laced with these rich interiors, creating a perfect blend of hospitality and elegant living spaces.

Perfect Location and a View to Die For

LeEt’s take an example of Shaza Al Madina. What makes Shaza Al Madina unique is its ideal location. Located a few minutes away from the Masjid Al Nabawy, the hotel makes the most of its surroundings to give an ultimate view of its surroundings. Set in the heart of the city, the hotel is only 15 km from the Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport.

Experience Grandeur in the Silk Floors or the Tiara Suite

If you are living in the ultra-luxurious silk floors or the Tiara suite, you’ll be treated like a royal with a dedicated Morafik. The Al Morafik is traditionally a man of the court, known for getting jobs done. At Shaza Al Madina, the Morafik will welcome you at the airport and provide you with a 24-hour Mostachar service. 

While the Silk Floor provides a personalized experience ideal for large groups and family, the Tiara Suite is one of a kind. With the prime penthouse floor overlooking the masjid, the suite is decorated to bring the sophistication and richness of the East in this modern setting.

Dine On Exquisite Cuisines of the East

The hotel features two amazing restaurants that provide the best of the Eastern cuisines, featuring dishes from North Africa, Persia, and South-East Asia. Arabesque features an open show kitchen that is the perfect place to have breakfast, lunch, and a refined dinner bathed in lights from the mashrabiya-inspired table lanterns. 

What also makes the 5-star hotel in Madina one of the best hotels in Saudi Arabia is the Shalimar lounge. The lounge serves mocktails, signature tea, and a variety of other drinks to replenish the body and mind.

Discover Madina Like Never Before

The location of Shaza Al Madina makes it an almost surreal experience. The hotel offers unique packages for anniversary celebrations, winter holidays, Iftar, and more. Not only is it a perfect place to stay during the holy Hajj, but it is also the ideal destination to experience the holy land of Madina. 

Waiting to plan a trip to experience the best of Eastern hospitality and luxurious living? Do visit and share your experiences with us.

Rohit Raina
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