Top 5 Divas Who Rock Without Makeup

Top 5 Divas Who Rock Without Makeup

Agreed, that ‘without makeup’ always does not mean natural beauty. Also agreed, that not all are blessed to have the perfect lips or the catty eyes. That is exactly where makeup comes into play. Seriously, there is no big deal about makeup or no makeup; however, if you make a comparison (for better judgment) here are the top 5 who look absolutely ravishing even without the dab-a-bit-pout-a-bit paint:

Anne Hathaway: What’s her secret? The damsel manages to look great in zero makeup and even without any accessories. We also loved her in cropped-short hair.The chic has got the poise and Oomph. Nothing else matters. Get Real!





Beyonce Knowles: Famous by style and discovered by Whitney Houston, Beyonce is a charmer with or without the touch-ups. Seems like she can get the world grooving with her smile!






Penelope Cruz: The Spanish enchantress celebrates an inimitable spot when it comes to appeal. She can’t be beat by any other on the stricture of her art, appearance or style. Even without makeup she looks spellbinding.


Anushka Sharma: They call her bubbly and very outgoing. May be that is the reason (and her smile of course) why she looks as modish without makeup as she does with it. In fact, may be she looks even better!





Katrina Kaif: I guess, she doesn’t believe much in makeup. The missy has been spotted without makeup umpteen number of times and yet every morsel of her looked absolutely well put together.

Now that the current has drawn upon the reality check and you know which stars have dared to shun the makeup, you can take your time and check for yourself by looking their un-dabbed looks on the web.
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  1. Kent Fish

    Anne Hathaway is my favorite sexy girl. Good to see her real nice face without makeup.

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